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Are you ready for the Hillcat Cafe?

It’s nothing new that San Francisco is three steps ahead of far-flung Seattle. Here’s a look at what is coming next for us, by the way.

It goes to follow that in a city environment where simple joys like cleaning your own personal cat box are harder and harder to find, Seattle will soon follow on this planned San Francisco cafe, too:

Christened KitTea, founders Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky describe their venture as “part ‘gourmet tea house’ and part ‘cat and human oasis.'”

The goal is to provide homeless cats a place to call home. Also, to bring humans and cats together in perfect harmony. According to the website, the cafe plans on opening this Spring. What’s important to note is that, as of now, it’s all in the preliminary planning stages.


A Twice Sold kitty (Images: CHS)

Some may argue that Seattle — and especially Capitol Hill — is already out in front of this thanks to cat-powered Twice Sold Tales. It’s definitely a draw.8443020953_acde7a4fef_o

The always insightful Sprudge offers this thought on the intersection of cats and coffee — “Cats are great, you guys.” CHS, at least when it comes to Hillcats, agrees.

UPDATE: Purrfect timing. E Pike venue Ltd. Art Gallery is planning a CATZ! art show.

UPDATE 3/4/14: The fundraising campaign for KitTea — “San Francisco’s first cat tea house” has launched with a $50,000 goal.

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10 thoughts on “Are you ready for the Hillcat Cafe?

  1. This is awesome. I am hoping it will also serve as a place where many hill dwellers who aren’t able to have cats because of their apartments will be able to commune with the feline kind.

    • I would not think that cats and food service would be a great match, but it does seem that San Francisco is ahead of the curve, as usual.

      I could totally see a cat coworking space though.

      • I do not even care, I would eat their toxoplas food daily if it meant getting to sit around petting kitties. Please make this place happen.

  2. No. Just no. I stopped going into Twice Sold Tales years ago because of the way my eyes water from the cat urine. This sounds just as horrible.

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