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CHS Year in Review 2013 | The year in Capitol Hill pictures

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.13.25 PMBelow, we’ve selected some of the images that helped to tell the story of the past year on the streets and in the neighborhoods around Capitol Hill. The work includes images from our many reporters and writers and our community of photography contributors. This is also a good place to thank our busiest contributors in 2013 — reporter Bryan Cohen and photographer Alex Garland — for their work. Without them, the stories below would not have been told.  We’ve selected some of the most viewed and most compelling imagery featured on CHS in the past year. Un-represented are many of the great images shared via the CHS Flickr pool and on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. All images below are linked to their associated posts and image credits. Thanks to all the photographers who shared their work with CHS in 2013.

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IMG_20131023_111735_084 (1)

8445922175_db7abf3e63 IMG_9702 8544124822_6c60aa2a4b_o IMG_1113 (1)


Von Trapps German Beer Hall in Capitol Hill, Seattle IMG_9182 9168410259_354ca0bfdf_b (1) IMG_7425-400x266 8591104858_cb5502e025_b-1 IMG_6982 IMG_2393 (1)

10450094734_0a6188c984 IMG_9869 IMG_8331 IMG_9297 IMG_8412 IMG_7580 Screen-Shot-400x537 (2) IMG_6068 IMG_9735 IMG_2175 (1) IMG_2051 IMG_2274 IMG_8440 IMG_8866 IMG_0473_9484743266_l IMG_5570 (1) IMG_8567 IMG_9116 (1) IMG_9597

IMG_3051 IMG_7580 IMG_1227 IMG_9860-600x400 (1)


9035898834_ce465383e9 IMG_7134 IMG_8150-600x400 IMG_7425-400x266 IMAG1864 DSCN1030 DSCN1085 (1) DSCN0828 IMG_4340-600x900 8544081830_861115c9db_o IMG_05561

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