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Closed on 15th Ave E: 22 Doors

22 Doors by aaronbrethorst
22 Doors, a photo by aaronbrethorst on Flickr.

We’ve written its obituary before — here’s another. 22 Doors was shuttered after one last New Year’s Eve party:

If you haven’t heard already tonight is the last night we will be open, it’s bittersweet and we love all of you that have spent time with is. Please come say goodbye to us and 2013 tonight. We will have a champagne toast at midnight, half priced wine and $4 wells all night! Thanks for the memories!

22 Doors by aaronbrethorst
22 Doors, a photo by aaronbrethorst on Flickr.

Built in 2005 with 22 mahogany doors from the old Camlin Hotel, Mike Brown and Mark Edmison moved sold their food-focused lounge in 2008 as Seattle food and drink veterans Josephine and Ricky Tong took over, introducing a remodeled space and, eventually, a simplified name. While experiments like lunch service came and went and the venue swung more toward bar from its foodie roots, the covered patio area remained one of the nicer places on Capitol Hill to enjoy an outdoorsish drink. In July 2012, CHS reported the bar would be closing after staff told patrons the end was nigh. Ownership said the closure would only be temporary for yet another remodel. 22 eventually reopened. At some point, it went back to being 22 Doors.

There are no indications yet about what is next for the 22 Doors space sandwiched next to newbies Rione XIII and The Wandering Goose and the old-timer Tim’s Barbershop. We’ll update this post if we hear back from the Tongs on the closure.

The closure adds to the ongoing ripples of change underway for businesses on 15th Ave E. CHS reported on the closure of the nearby Bagel Deli earlier this week after more than 30 years on the street.

UPDATE: We haven’t heard back from the Tongs yet but we can report that the business was apparently having financial difficulties for years. Here’s the long roster of warrants for unpaid state taxes likely dogging ownership:Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.15.35 AM

Thanks to Aaron for the pictures!

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21 thoughts on “Closed on 15th Ave E: 22 Doors

  1. This really surprise me. For many years I have this place. It used to be like , then after awhile it became more like . I can’t help but remember the time happened. I guess we’ll never know what would have become of the place if more time had passed. I all of the changes occurring on Cap Hill.

  2. It’s a shame they couldn’t make it work. I always felt they were falling short of their potential for this space.

    The saddest thing? One less bar fireplace.

  3. At some point I have to believe there will be just too many bars and restaurants on CapHill for them to all be sustainable. Not sure we’re there quite yet, but I think it’s getting close. Just look at all the ‘ground floor retail’ that’s sitting empty everywhere.

    • I agree with your general premise, but I’m not sure why empty ground floor retail would be relevant. Those have been empty for a long time, yet bars keep coming in. (If anything empty retail probably increases the number of bars, as they have less competition over rent.)

  4. Unfortunately, “several old doors” is not a concept that will bring moneyed tech types from Bellevue into your establishment. Not when they have to battle through pedestrians taking over their streets, small parking spaces, and the exploitative government tolling their god-given bridge.

    Maybe “1930’s Door Factory” or “Racially Segregated Doors” would have worked as a concept. Alas, we’ll never know (until maybe when the Comet and Canterbury are done reconcepting).

    • There it is….. What took you so long? Eventually this would have to be the fault of Eastsiders, wouldn’t it? Isn’t it always?

    • “Not when they have to battle through pedestrians taking over their streets” So.. its you are blaming the failure of a business on the people who live in the neighborhood? And if they live in Bellevue is it even “their streets”?

  5. Battling pedestrians? It’s Saturday night. Prime time for “battle”. Let’s see what’s out there right now. 3. Ooops make that 4 pedestrians. One looking straight down while texting. One walking a dog with leash extended about 5,000 feet forcing another person to jump over it. One on phone doing that silly pacing back and forth outdoor cell phone walk exhibited oddly enough mostly by men. And one just walking, no dog, no phone, no earphones, just walking slowly, aware of his surroundings, whistling 2nd movement of Rachmaninoff 2nd piano concerto. Quite a pedestrian battle. I imagine if the poor shlub were ever in midtown Manh at 5 pm he’d have a stroke.

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