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Solved: the mystery of the missing Stranger building rosettes

The Stranger removed a post with this picture and questions about the rosette removal this summer

The Stranger removed a post with this picture and questions about the rosette removal this summer (Image: The Stranger)

Last summer, people who notice these kinds of things were dismayed to see workers removing decorative ornaments from the auto-row era building at 11th and Pine home to the Stranger and the coming-soon bar Big Fun.

The work was, indeed, a sign of things to come as CHS reported the building is being prepared for a preservation and development project planned to include more than 50,000 square feet of office space in the heart of Pike/Pine.



But it seems that the removal of the Stranger building rosettes wasn’t as sinister as some of the modifications to buildings past. Representatives for the longtime property owner planning to develop the new project told the Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council last week that the decorative rosettes were removed so that they could be preserved and restored to the building when it reopens as part of the new 75-foot-high, nearly-100,000 square-foot project.



The announcement came as part of a meeting with the council in the wake of Legacy Pine’s last-minute decision to cancel a planned Department of Planning and Development design review of the project — the first official public scrutiny the project would have faced. Representatives for the developer said the cancelation was necessary to give planners and architects more time to talk through the project with the community.

You can ask them more about their plans — and those rosettes — next week at Sole Repair:Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.17.42 AM

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Ryan on Summit
Ryan on Summit
6 years ago

One architectural disaster averted; now let’s avert another one and stop them from building a boring boxy apartment building on top of this landmark.*

*Landmark board will probably side with developer.