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Welcome to Capitol Island

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 1.37.18 PMToday, Capitol Hill only feels like an island. Within 5,000 years, it very well could be one.

Jeffrey Linn, a campus planner at the University of Washington, has created this chart of the waters where the Puget and Washington sounds meet — the Islands of Seattle:

This map is based on real-world information—I created the Seattle sea levels from publicly-available LiDAR data, rendering the rise of the seas in 10-foot increments for the animation, starting at the current shoreline, and ending with the 240-foot level. The Islands of Seattle poster was rendered at 240 feet of rise, which is roughly what would happen if all the world’s ice sheets melted.IslandsOfSeattle20140107_150ppi

Linn says you have at least 5,000 years to prepare. These guys say you might want to buy a boat sooner than that. You’ll also want a map. You can buy one of Linn’s posters here.

Kevin Costner as Jseattle in Capitol Island: The Movie

Kevin Costner as Jseattle in Capitol Island: The Movie

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