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Bail set at $1 million for Neighbours arson suspect

Citing the risk of flight and pending outcomes in recent brushes with the law, a King County judge Tuesday set bail for the suspect arrested in the Neighbours arson investigation at $1 million.

On Monday, CHS reported the SPD account of the arrest of Musab Musmari as the 30-year-old was allegedly attempting to flee the country. Police say Musmari was arrested leaving his home with his U.S. and Libyan passports and was in possession of a one-way airline ticket to Turkey.

Tuesday, Musmari waived his right to appear at the hearing as his lawyer argued against the high bail.

Prosecutors have yet to charge the 30-year-old former Capitol Hill resident who, according to a lawyer representing Musmari, last called Bellevue home.

As more than 700 revelers celebrated the first minutes of 2014, flames shot up inside the popular gay nightclub before being doused by a quick acting Neighbours employee and patron. Police released surveillance images captured the night of the attack and asked the public for tips. Tuesday, the FBI, working on the case as part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, thanked the public for tips leading to Saturday’s arrest. The FBI said it is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. Meanwhile, friends and victims of Musmari have described his increasingly volatile and unstable behavior over the past year.

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Phil Mocek
8 years ago

Still no search or arrest warrants to report?


[…] CHS reported on the most recent court proceedings here as a judge set Musmari’s bail at $1 million and it was revealed the suspect was arrested after authorities learned he was in possession of a one-way airline ticket to Turkey. The FBI also said its investigators were looking for evidence of a hate crime in the case. […]

Eric Hutcheson
Eric Hutcheson
8 years ago

That terrorist SOB needs to rot in jail forever! Wish they could withhold giving him a Koran too. What a looser hope he gets bitched out good in prison.,


[…] arsonist, police have determined that Musab Musmari is a flight risk and have thus set his bail at $1 million. This determination was reached in light of the fact that when SPD arrested Musmari as he was […]