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Blotter | 11th Ave e ransack burglary suspect in jail

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  • 11th Ave E burglary suspect jailed: Burglary suspect Kaci Shields was booked into King County Jail Tuesday. CHS recently posted about the search for the suspect in a 2013 11th Ave E burglary that left the residence trashed. Shields is held on $25,000 bail for investigation of residential burglary. She has not yet been charged.
  • E Denny Way phone fight: A victim said he didn’t want police to arrest the assailant who ripped the victim’s phone to pieces before punching him in the head late last Thursday night in the 400 block of E Denny Way:Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.50.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.50.16 PMThe victim told police the suspect eventually told him to stop following him and then stole the victim’s hat when he wouldn’t comply:Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.53.36 PM
  • E Pike celebration assaults: Super Bowl Sunday’s celebrations on Capitol Hill included hundreds of revelers and very few reported criminal incidents but there were a few reported assaults of note. One victim contacted police around 11 PM with a “significant” laceration to his left ear that he said was caused by a rock thrown by a group attending the celebrations. The victim said that one person in the group had also pointed a pistol at his stomach but ran as police arrived to break up the disturbance. Police say the victim was intoxicated and left the scene before he could receive medical attention. Meanwhile, there were two reports of assaulted police officers during the night. One of the arrests has proceeded to muni court where the 26-year-old is charged with assault and obstruction after a run-in with an East Precinct cop during the Super Bowl fun.
  • Parking garage rage: Police were called to the 1400 block of Madison last Friday morning around 10:30 to a report that an angry driver had flashed a handgun at a woman he felt was walking too slowly. According to the report, the woman said she was walking in a parking garage when a male driver in a white Volvo “produced a handgun and pointed it a victim and told her to get out of his way.” Police were unable to interview the victim who was an employee and had left but security was reviewing surveillance video of the incident.
  • Serial thief caught in act: Police were called to the 200 block of 11th Ave E last Saturday morning around 8:30 after a resident said he captured video and and photos of a woman attempting to break into a neighboring building. Police say the witness captured images of the woman attempting to crawl in an apartment window before he confronted her and the woman fled the scene. The witness told police he believes the woman has mental issues and is seen frequently in the area. He believes she is responsible for “several miscellaneous thefts.”
  • AM/PM car keys extortion: An intoxicated victim said he was robbed of his car keys after parking to go inside the AM/PM mini-mart in the 600 block of 23rd Ave early last Sunday morning. According to the police report, the victim suffered a lacerated hand and lost his keys after a group outside the store confronted him, took his keys and demanded $100 to return them. The victim wasn’t sure how events transpired but he told police he ended up in a foot chase and an altercation with the suspects in the 1:15 AM incident. In addition to his car keys, the victim was also unsure how he lost his cell phone in the fracas.
  • Boylston Ave E death: CHS received a few inquires about Seattle Fire activity in the 200 block of Boylston Ave E last Saturday. Seattle Fire tells us Engine 25 was called to the address for a report of a 49-year-old male found dead inside. According to the caller, the person was last seen approximately two weeks prior. When firefighters arrived, they found the patient deceased. Crews called for the King County Medical Examiner and the Police Department which is standard procedure. CHS has not yet confirmed the cause of death in the incident but we do know there is currently no SPD homicide investigation involving the incident.
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7 years ago

Regarding the “E Denny Way phone fight” incident, I do not understand why the victim (who was robbed and assaulted) did not want the black suspect arrested because he (the victim) did not want to appear racist. It is not racist to report crimes to the police and to cooperate with a prosecution… is a citizen’s obligation to do so. Otherwise, criminals are not held responsible for their actions.

At any rate, it is the police’s call as to whether someone is arrested, not the victim’s…..too bad he wasn’t located.

7 years ago
Reply to  calhoun

Sounds fishy. If a guy stole my phone, my hat and punched me in the head, the last thing I would care about was whether he or anyone else considered me racist for turning him into the police.

I think the suspect is lying and/or is mentally disturbed (he’s obviously delusional about how “persuasive” he is!).