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Blotter | Drunk woman claiming to be a cop arrested at Unicorn after biting employee

Late night bar brawl: A woman’s drunken claims to an accomplished resume weren’t enough to get her out of jail after she attacked an employee at the Unicorn bar early Tuesday. The woman belligerently claimed to be a Tukwila Police officer, the daughter of a Tukwila Police officer, a college graduate, and a law student, according to police reports. A Tukwila police spokesperson told CHS no officers or daughters of officers were arrested in Seattle Tuesday night.

Seattle Police were called out to 11th and Pike around 2:30 AM on Tuesday. The incident reportedly started when Unicorn staff found the woman inside the men’s bathroom. The woman refused to leave, saying she was a Tukwila Police officer. Unimpressed, the staff began escorting her out of the bar. The woman started hitting bar staff and even tried to bite one employee on the shoulder, but failed to “latch on,” according to reports.

Seeing the struggle inside the bar, the woman’s boyfriend ran up, bear-hugged her, and carried her out of the bar. Once outside he dropped her, then according to reports, turned around and punched one of the employees in the head causing a large gash to open on the employees forehead. The man then tried running away with his girlfriend, yelling “come on before I … kill them.”

When police arrived they arrested the woman, who was reportedly belligerent, yelling at officers that her father was a Tukwila police officer and that she was a law student. The boyfriend tried to make a run for it, but was chased down by a nearby state trooper working traffic patrol in the area.Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.10.17 PM

While the couple were getting booked at the East Precinct, the report states the boyfriend yelled out “hey baby help me out, that punch was for you!”

A day after the Unicorn brawl a man claiming to be a CIA agent and a member of the Sicilian mafia was arrested outside South Lake Union’s World Sports Grille after he tried to walk out of a $200 fish and scotch dinner bill.

Bike U-Lock cutter: Apparently U-locking your bike inside your locked apartment complex still isn’t enough to keep a ride safe. Seattle Police were called out to Republican and Boylston Feb. 16th after someone reported their bike missing. According to the police report someone had come into the apartment complex stairwell and cut the bike’s U-Lock.

Mail burglar: Around $500 in damages were caused when someone pried open four large mailbox doors inside an apartment building at E Denny Way and Olive Way. Seattle Police were called out to the building Feb. 17th to find mail missing and damaged mailboxes.

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2 thoughts on “Blotter | Drunk woman claiming to be a cop arrested at Unicorn after biting employee

  1. Why, oh why do people claim to be police?!? Just once I want to hear some drunk claim, “You can’t take me in! I’m a third generation Bull Semen Collector!!!”

  2. This police report is false. The events of the evening are likely distorted by the very reason people are there in the first place… Booze. Not to mention a poorly trained bar staff who are unable to control how much alcohol they serve their patrons, and controlling situations arising from such neglect. Lying to police about the events that transpired is a crime and the law will figure that out.