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Blotter | Man’s body found outside Broadway Panera

(Image: @OlegZ via twitter)

(Image: @OlegZ via twitter)

A man who had suffered a large gash on his head was found dead Wednesday afternoon outside the Panera Bread on Broadway. Passersby found the man’s body at the bottom of the outdoor steps between Panera and a Seattle Central Community College building. Officials have not yet released the man’s identity.

Seattle Police told CHS Wednesday they had not interviewed any witnesses and are still investigating the cause of death. An officer at the scene told CHS there was nothing that indicated foul play at that time.

One of the first people on the scene was a Game Stop employee, who told CHS he found the man facedown, unconscious, and unresponsive.

“He was bleeding from the head, it could have been a head or neck injury, so I knew to let the professionals handle it,” said Sean Sullivan.

Sullivan told CHS medics soon arrived and began performing CPR. At that time a crowd had formed, prompting police to tape-off the alleyway.

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13 thoughts on “Blotter | Man’s body found outside Broadway Panera

    • Yeah, the owners of the two buildings should get together and solve this problem. Better lighting, better landscaping. And eliminate a parking space or two and mark the crosswalk between the pathway and Bobby Morris Playfield. This really needs to be improved.

  1. I walk down those stairs, and the ones on the other side of the Student Leadership/Bookstore building, many times (8-10) a week over many years (15+). In all that time there have been a handful (10 or less) of times I have encountered ‘sketchy’ people (Sketchy? You mean like the folk who shop at Blick??? Please, be straight. Say what you mean rather than using veiled language.)

    The only thing that needs to be altered is your contempt and fear for your fellow man having difficulty dealing with this confusing and conflicted society.

    Many much love,

  2. I don’t think it’s the “artsy” people that are elevating the crime rate up there. Capitol Hill is gross. I’ve worked there for many years and I’ve seen it all. And I’ve watched it get worse. Sketchy means sketchy. It’s real. Don’t put words in people’s mouths.

  3. I agree with Honario. Thinking someone looks “sketchy” is not proof of a safety concern. I walk the steps frequently. Sometimes people who have nowhere else to go are standing around the steps or getting some warmth from the building. Let’s put a toll both on the steps. $1.00 a step. That’ll keep the “sketchies” out.