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CHS Pics | Chop Suey mural lights up new Twin Dragon Lounge — Plus, Linda’s 20th reminder

IMG_9265IMG_9312Last week, CHS told you about the first 20 years of history for the much-loved Pike/Pine fixture Linda’s Tavern. Wednesday night, the legendary Capitol Hill bar celebrates and everyone is invited.

Tuesday, another of Linda Derschang’s babies celebrated as E Madison’s Chop Suey debuted its new Twin Dragon Lounge complete with an amazing new mural that’s worth a visit just to see in person.

IMG_9355 IMG_9249 IMG_9353

Created by artist Debbie Faas who was able to pitch Chop Suey management on the idea of doubling up on the imagery though creative use of luminescent paint, the mural depicts fierce Japanese dragons — black and white by light, glowing with color in the dark of Suey’s new black light system.

Chop Suey celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012 a few owners and format changes since its founding by Derschang and partners a decade earlier. It endures as one of Capitol Hill’s more eclectic live music and entertainment venues. And now it has a rad mural, to boot.IMG_9382

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3 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Chop Suey mural lights up new Twin Dragon Lounge — Plus, Linda’s 20th reminder

  1. I can’t figure that place out. At one time they had fancy Chinese style mirrored glass on their windows and for whatever reason they got rid of that to put up freakin’ band posters as if there’s not enough trash posters on utility poles all over Capitol Hill.

    • It might have something to do with the fact that they are a music venue with events to advertise.

      I’d much rather look at a utility pole covered in posters than a boring, bare one. If you want bare telephone poles, you can always move to Bellevue.

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