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Police search for suspect after Broadway cider assault captured on video

Seattle Police and Fire units responded to the intersection of Broadway and E Olive Way late Monday night after a reported stabbing. We’re still gathering details on the incident that was reported as an “assault with weapons — aid” call by Seattle Fire indicating non-life threatening injuries to the male victim. UPDATE 2/25/14 9:56 AM: Seattle Fire says the victim did not sustain a knife wound. We’re waiting to hear back from SPD on what they learned about the assault.

UPDATE 2/25/14 10:20 AM: Seattle Police tell us that arriving officers found the reported stabbing victim had actually been hit over the head with a large bottle of cider he had been carrying before becoming entangled in an altercation with the suspect. Police say the victim was intoxicated and ultimately uncooperative in explaining how the fight began. Police say he refused treatment by Seattle Fire and left the scene still suffering from the blow to the head. Police have video of the fight from two different witnesses and are reviewing the clips for evidence in their assault investigation.

Police were looking for a suspect described as a black male in his 20s wearing a distinctive yellow hoodie and a female companion who were last seen leaving the scene of the crime in a cab headed south on Broadway just before 11 PM.

Police might have additional useful evidence in tracking down the male suspect. Officers were were waiting to review video of the incident captured by a witness from a nearby building according to East Precinct radio dispatches.

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