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With continued Capitol Hill construction and mating season on their minds, mice invade Seattle U campus

download (12)Last week, our Pikes/Pines nature writer told you how Capitol Hill’s wild kingdom copes with winter. Apparently, we’re about to find out how one squeaky little component of the kingdom is handling the waking of spring. Here’s a bulletin sent out to the Seattle U campus this week:

In the past week the Facilities Resource Center has received numerous calls regarding small mice at various locations around campus. Paratex, Seattle University’s pest control contractor, is responding to the calls and has asked that the following information and tips be shared with the campus community. 

Why the increased activity?
With the ground saturated with water, mice that live underground are seeking new nesting habitats on high ground, and ongoing construction in the neighborhood is also uprooting their established nesting habitat. Spring is right around the corner, which is mating season for the mice. Food and drinks being left out in campus locations are also contributing factors.

In September, CHS reported on concerns about displaced rodents infesting the neighborhood. No “ratpocalypse” came to pass, apparently.

Seattle U school officials also offered some handy tips to keep your life “mouse-free” —

Preventative steps to take:
While it is impossible to guarantee a completely mouse-free campus, the following tips are recommended by Paratex.

  • Limit food consumption at your work space.
  • Clean and wipe your work space after food consumption.
  • All food storage should be in air-tight containers.
  • Keep all office kitchenettes free of crumbs and any standing water.

When you do have a mouse sighting, please submit a work order so arrangements can be made for Paratex to respond. If you need indoor assistance with mice or animal droppings please call WFF directly at xxx-xxxx for custodial service.

Unfortunately, you can’t call facilities or submit a work order if you do see a mouse in your home. You’ll just have to do what the rest of do — scream, “Eeeeeek!”

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