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Cherry Street Coffee announces plans for another Capitol Hill cafe

Artist rendering of the Three20 building (Image: Equity Apartments)

Artist rendering of the Three20 building (Image: Equity Apartments)

The future residents of lower Pike/Pine will not have to walk far for their next shot of craft espresso.

Seattle chain Cherry Street Coffee has announced it will open its next new cafe and second Capitol Hill-area location this summer. The new shop is slated to be part of the street-level retail inside the nearly complete Three20 Apartments building at, yes, 320 E Pine. It will be the eighth Seattle location for Cherry Street.

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A promo image posted to Cherry Street’s social media accounts

Cherry Street opened on 12th Ave in 2012. “I designed this place sexy, like my face,” owner Ali Ghambari told us, with a smile, at the time. You might remember that he got into a bit of hot water over sick leave surcharges last year before reversing course on the plan. In better news, his daughter Laila Ghambari was just named 2014 Northwest Barista Champion. Looks like she’s not in the bracket for this week’s Latte Art World Championship at CoffeeFest New York:


The new Cherry Street will open beneath a 118-unit mixed-use building with about 13,000 square feet of ground floor retail that is replacing the “charred, tagged and empty” Marion Apartments at the corner.

Across the street, the former home of Bauhaus Coffee is about to dig in on a massive mixed-use project of its own. Bauhaus, of course, has moved just up Pine to a new interim home for the expected two years of construction. Just north of the future Cherry Street, CHS advertiser Broadcast Coffee moved in on Bellevue Ave in summer of 2012.

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11 thoughts on “Cherry Street Coffee announces plans for another Capitol Hill cafe

  1. I’m not sure why they think this is a good idea…both Bauhaus and Broadcast are literally steps away from this, and both are quite a bit better than Cherry St. in my opinion. And, of course, there’s the specter of the new Starbucks roastery a block away on the the horizon. I was hoping for something a little more creative in this spot, disappointed that it’s just another run-of-the-mill coffee shop :-/

    • Yeah, it would be nice if we had some retailers besides coffee and bars. But I suppose the market will address this effectively enough.. The business just won’t pan out if the demand isn’t there due to all the competition.

      • Big challenge for retailers is Amazon and other big box retailers. Hard to compete with discounters when you have to pay capitol hill floor rent. You can’t yet order your latte from amazon. Look around the hill: new street level commercial spaces are either restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or gym/fitness businesses.

  2. i wonder where the densest concentration of coffee shops is on capitol hill. Stumptown, bar ferdnand, victrola, Black Coffee Co-op, Kaladi, and the new starbucks roastery are all also within striking distance of this new Cherry Street location.

  3. We need to future-proof infrastructure for all the thousands of apartments coming online so this makes sense. Those who will be moving in will want coffee and they can’t all shop at the same places. Even though there are plenty of options today.

    • I got a chuckle at coffee shops counting as “infrastructure” in this city… and this coming from a Seattle native.

  4. Ugh, I don’t know how they stay in business. Most cherry street coffee houses close at 5 or 6. Does that even make sense? Hey look there’s hundreds of people walking by every minute, let’s close!

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  7. I think this makes sense. Lots of the new workers are camping out in coffee shops all days with their laptops. Often when I try to go to coffee in the neighborhood there is nowhere to sit. We need more table space. Welcome Cherry Street!

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