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Dangerous Madison Park crossing, 23rd Ave intersection, First Hill sidewalk considered for city fund

A proposal to help make for a safer crossing of E Madison near Trader Joe's didn't make the cut -- this year (Image: Doug McLaughlin via Flickr)

A proposal to help make for a safer crossing of E Madison near Trader Joe’s didn’t make the cut — this year (Image: Doug McLaughlin via Flickr)

Last week, a Department of Neighborhoods community group considered nine new street and parks project for central Seattle and Capitol Hill. Below, you’ll find the three projects that made it through and are being studied for feasibility by the city to be part of some $1.2 million in funding through the Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund. We’ve also included descriptions of all the proposals just in case you want to rally around one of the passed-over ideas next year or you find something to inspire a similar project in your own neighborhood.

Here’s a note from district coordinator Tim Durkan about the 2014 selections:

On behalf of the East District Neighborhood Council I’d like to thank all of the 2014 Neighborhood Park and Street Fund applicants for their hard work and dedication to community improvement!
After Monday’s presentations, the EDNC members had a lengthy discussion about the merits of each project and how they measured up with the criteria for choosing who would advance to the next round.

If your application was not chosen, please don’t be too disheartened as there were a record number of requests this year and the needs are greater than ever. I’d be happy to work with your group to improve upon it for next year so please don’t hesitate to give me a call so we can start planning.
If your applications WAS chosen to advance, please understand that this round is ONLY for the purposes of cost and feasibility and is NOT a guarantee that your project will be completed. Once the City has completed
this analysis, they will return them to the EDNC to undergo final rankings and selection in June (most likely.)

With that said, here are the EDNC’s recommendations for the 2014 NPSF process.

1) Project 2014-064, Ped/Cyclist Safety, Madison Park:

2) Project 2014-021 Intersection of 23rd Ave. E. and Boyer Ave E., Montlake Community Club.

3) Project 2014-012 Madison Street sidewalks, FHIA

Thank you for your hard work and patience everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or comments.

Project 2014-064 would create street, sidewalk and crossing improvements to E Madison for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle safety at the site where a man was seriously injured in a collision with a cyclist last year.

Project 2014-021 would add curb bulbs and marked cross walks at the busy and frequently-crossed intersection of 23rd Ave and Boyer.

Project 2014-012 would repair a half-block stretch of “heaving” sidewalk on the north side of E Madison between Boren and McDonald’s.

The document below details all of the proposals received. We’ve covered-up personal information like phone numbers and emails in the applications. You’ll see a project to improve the lighting in Cal Anderson and an interesting project to improve crossing E Madison around Trader Joe’s did not make the cut. In the meantime, we’re told funding for the Pillars Park dog run bench might come from another district. For any future applicants, we advise dropping CHS a line about your project and not depending on the Department of Neighborhoods to get the word out. It seems to have its hands full simply administrating the process.

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2 thoughts on “Dangerous Madison Park crossing, 23rd Ave intersection, First Hill sidewalk considered for city fund

  1. Thanks Justin for posting this. As one of the reviewers, I was disheartened to see only one proposal from Capitol Hill. I was even more disappointed by some of the presentations: they were unfocused, included little illustrative materials, did not include plans or maps, and did not offer a real solution.
    I would advise anyone seeking funds to not just attend the mandatory orientation but to review previous winning proposals.

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