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Man charged in February anti-gay attack on Boylston

Another Capitol Hill hate crime case is moving through the courts. Larry Figueroa has been charged with malicious harassment and remains jailed on $15,000 bail following his arrest for a February attack on a man near Boylston and E Pine’s R Place.

Prosecutors say the 51-year-old hit his victim and used an anti-gay slur in the February 23rd incident in the 1500 block of Boylston Ave.

Figuerora has an extensive criminal record with prosecutors documenting 50 warrants for his arrest in the past 20 years. “There are likely alcohol and mental health issues,” the prosecutor’s office writes in the charging document.

Last week, a former Capitol Hill resident charged in a July gay-bashing incident at Minor and Pike skipped his court appearance. A warrant for the arrest of 33-year-old Hernan Sarellena has been issued.

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3 thoughts on “Man charged in February anti-gay attack on Boylston

  1. I read stuff like this and am embarrassed for the “system.” 50 warrants in 20 years??? Seattle is embarrassing … letting people like this walk the streets. Living downtown, I see it everyday. Crazy people walking the streets scaring tourists and peeing in doorways. The new mayor has done nothing but empower them. I see something crazy everyday. It’s our own fault. Cops have NO power and they all know it. How can one of the most progressive cities in the world let this happen?

    This will never change! Can’t wait to see people do what they want on May Day too! It’s not their right. Do the citizens need to get together and stop it with force?

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