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Seattle Fire handles Harvard Ave E apartment blaze


(Images shared by a Mulholland resident with permission to CHS)

(Images shared by a Mulholland resident with permission to CHS)

(Images shared by a Mulholland resident with permission to CHS)

Firefighters were able to knock down a fire in an apartment building near Harvard Ave E and Republican late Saturday night before the flames could spread to other units in the building.

SFD was called to The Mulholland apartment building at 507 Harvard Ave E to a report of flames shooting from the building around 10:35 PM. After about 15 minutes of battling the blaze, the fire was declared “tapped” and the work of cleaning up and clearing smoke from the building continued.

No injuries were reported and one resident of the building who also provided amazing photos of the scene tells us even the apartment unit’s feline resident was safely rescued.

The fire marshal was called to the scene to investigate the cause of the blaze.

UPDATE: Here’s a brief on the fire provided by SFD:

Outside The Mulholland (Image: @timdurkan via Twitter)

Outside The Mulholland (Image: @timdurkan via Twitter)

A Seattle Fire Investigator is classifying a fire at a Capitol Hill apartment building as accidental. The cause was determined to be oil overheating in the kitchen.

At 11:35 p.m. a 911 call came into dispatchers at the Fire Alarm Center reporting a kitchen fire in the ground unit of a building located in the 500 block of Harvard Avenue East. Engine Company 25 arrived to find flames visible from the basement window of the 3-story brick building. All of the occupants had safely evacuated by the time the firefighters arrived.

Firefighters rescued a cat trapped inside the burning apartment.

Crew made aggressive attack on the flames contained the fire to the single ground floor unit.  The fire was knocked down within 8 minutes of firefighters arriving on scene. The fire was completed extinguished within 11 minutes.

Firefighters used large fans to ventilate the smoky apartment. Metro brought in a heated bus to shelter evacuated residents from the cold weather.

The fire investigator determined oil cooking on the stove ignited and spread to the entire kitchen and to an adjacent room. The total damage estimate is $65,000 which includes $15,000 to the contents and $50,000 to the structure.

There were no injuries to the occupants or the firefighters.

Following a spate of hash oil explosions in the area, we asked SFD what the investigator determined was going on in this fire. We’re told it wasn’t hash — but somebody is bummed their doughnut-making experience went awry.

(Image: Tim Durkan)

(Image: Tim Durkan)

Car vs. pedestrian at Bellevue and Harrison
A male victim was rushed to the hospital early Sunday morning after he was struck by a car near the intersection of Bellevue Ave E and E Harrison.

Seattle Fire was called to the scene in the 400 block of Bellevue Ave E around 1:55 AM. They found the male victim conscious but suffering from head injuries in the collision that left the windshield of the Smart Car that struck him spidered and cracked.

There were no further details available about the circumstances of the crash. A Seattle Police traffic collision investigator was called to the scene as is standard in this type of incident.

Thanks to friendly neighborhood photographer Tim Durkan for his photo and notes about the situation.

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13 thoughts on “Seattle Fire handles Harvard Ave E apartment blaze

  1. Is Bellevue still closed to pedestrians on the west sidewalk near here? I’ve been avoiding that block after being forced to walk into the street. Is that what might have happened here?

  2. I read about this, then got a text from my sister saying that it was my friend who had been hit by the car. :( But we both agreed that of all the cars that could hit a person, a Smart Car is probably the best option.

    • You’re asking too much from the people who get those little cars. I see a half dozen of them a day every day here on the hill and every one of them is driven by a douche bag who races around corners fast enough that they’d roll a bigger car, they don’t stop for pedestrians, and they just pull up and stop wherever they want whether it’s a legal spot of not.

      I just hope the fellow who got hit is going to be OK

      • If Seattle drivers slowed down any more they’d be going in reverse. How about this: concentrate on driving and get a move on.

  3. Slow down on Bellevue! Just because it’s an arterial doesn’t mean you can go 40. I’ve seen so many near misses. Drivers on the Hill need to remember that people walk on the Hill.

  4. I could be wrong, but I heard that the person who was hit by the car actually jumped in front of it. Considering the fact that the driver wasn’t arrested (and drove away on their own), the police must have found that they weren’t at fault.

    The way I see it, though, drivers AND pedestrians definitely need to make changes as to how they use Bellevue. On a daily basis, I see drivers speed down Bellevue going way too fast… but I also see pedestrians crossing in the middle of the street. When you consider the fact that Bellevue is a fairly dimly lit street, this can seriously be a recipe for disaster.