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CHS Pics | Capitol Hill’s Easter Sunday best

2014.04 12 - JOIf you were around Capitol Hill on Easter Sunday afternoon and it seemed like church let out for dozens of fashionable Pike/Pine worshippers, it did. Pastor Kaleb’s annual Easter Sunday service draws a well-dressed crowd. Here’s what the Stranger tells you about the Capitol Hill preacher:

Pastor Kaleb gave his first official service in the streets during Seattle’s WTO protests in 1999. A carpenter by trade (naturally), he and a friend built two coffins (two adult-sized, one child-sized) using spare plywood from a job site and led a procession through the tear-gassy, chaotic, screaming melee that would eventually force journalists and the general public to ask, for the first time in a long time, why anyone would oppose an organization like the WTO.

This Sunday at the Century Ballroom was Kaleb’s 15th year addressing the flock.

2014.04 5 - JO

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