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Law & Order | Cal Anderson beating suspect charged — Plus, Noll murder trial update

While the crimes and, often, the arrests of the East Precinct can play out relatively quickly, the wheels of justice turn more slowly. Here’s a look at recent court proceedings involving Capitol Hill criminal cases of note. Is there a case you’ve been wondering about? Let us know in comments.

  • Yancy Noll murder trial: The start of the trial in the Yancy Noll murder case has again been pushed back. Lawyers in the case asked for a continuance for a July start date in the case of the 2012 alleged road rage slaying of the 43-year-old QFC Broadway Market employee. North Seattle resident Dinh Bowman, now 31, faces a charge of first degree murder in the case. He has been jailed since his September 2012 arrest. The trial of Dr. Louis Chen, another notable area murder case, was last slated to begin in October.
  • Capitol Hill theft ring trial: The trial of Rabindranath Darling for his role in an alleged theft ring is slated to begin in July.
  • Cal Anderson beating and robbery: The man arrested in this brutal beating and robbery inside of Cal Anderson the night of Sunday, March 23rd has been charged with first degree robbery. Police say Harvey Westmoreland stole his victim’s wallet after beating the man found lying in the fetal position and spitting up blood near the park’s basketball court. Prosecutors say the extent of the 58-year-old’s criminal record was not clear at the time of the charge but that he was convicted twice for burglary in Missouri in 2007 and also convicted for bank robbery in 2001. Prosecutors asked that he be held on $75,000 bail. He remains jailed.
  • Child rape conviction: Bartender Matthew Cannelora has been sentenced to 6 1/2 years in jail after pleading guilty to second degree rape of a child. The 29-year-old was charged last spring in the crime involving multiple sex acts with a 13-year-old girl he was helping to take care of at his sister’s Rainer Beach home.
  • Top Pot getaway: The bank robbery suspect who allegedly held up a Wells Fargo on Broadway and then fled to the Summit Top Pot last month has pleaded not guilty to a charge of robbery in the first degree. Police say Joseph Barylak, 38, was busted with more than $800 in cash in the March 11th robbery as he tried to hide from police inside the donut shop. He remains jailed on $250,000 bail. Prosecutors say Barylak has an extensive criminal record.Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.19.11 AMScreen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.19.36 AM
  • Vermillion glass attack: No charges were filed against the 25-year-old man arrested following a strange attack that left 11th Ave art bar Vermillion with $4,000 in busted glass earlier this month. Police say the man was apparently suffering from mental issues and that he said he broke the windows because “God told him to do it.” In the CHS comments on our report, Vermillion owner Diana Adams said she is working with the city to make sure the man gets mental health assistance.
  • Cop assault case agreement: Earlier this year, an agreement was reached to dismiss the assault case against Seattle K9 cop Chris Hairston for his actions in a 2012 melee at Seattle Central. Police say Hairston allegedly attacked a handcuffed suspect who pushed his police officer wife violently to the ground during an arrest. The Seattle Police Officers’ Guild had criticized the City Attorney’s office for pursuing charges against Hairston.
  • SPD in-car video problem: SPD patrol car video recorded between an April 2013 upgrade and this January may have to be thrown out as evidence in criminal cases. The department announced its system upgrade apparently resulted in the recording dropping frames from the videos. SPD says its IT department is working to determine the scope of the issue.
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3 thoughts on “Law & Order | Cal Anderson beating suspect charged — Plus, Noll murder trial update

  1. “I’ve got a gat–give me the money!”? Did the bank robber just walk out of a 1930s Warner Bros. picture?

    • I know, right? “What’s the big idea? I’ve got a gat, see, and my moll is outside in the jalopy!” The only — only — previous time I’ve ever seen that word in print is when it’s in a crossword puzzle.

      On a more sobering note, the folks at Top Pot said that he got tackled so hard by the SPD that they had to clean blood off the floor. I don’t know if he hit his head going down or resisted or it’s just SPD being SPD, but it was kind of unsettling for everybody in the place at the time. Not that having a bankrobber show up asking to have somebody call him a cab (really? THAT is your getaway plan?) is going to be a good day at the cafe in any case.

  2. “Vermillion owner Diana Adams said she is working with the city to make sure the man gets mental health assistance.”

    I read this sentence three times. I love this.