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Puget Sound Bike Share riders will be cruising Capitol Hill by September

Weigh in on proposed bike share stations here

Weigh in on proposed bike share stations here

CHS’s last report on the status of the plan to bring a bike share system to Seattle’s central core including a portion of Capitol Hill did not present the smoothest of futures for the new service. But director Holly Houser has now announced that the Puget Sound Bike Share is en route to a September opening around Seattle. The big sponsor needed to help pay for the whole thing — and brand and color the bikes — will be revealed next month.

“In May, we’ll be unveiling the official program name and logo along with the bike color, and we’re certain you’re going to love it. Chances are, these bikes will soon become an iconic fixture around our City,” the bike share announcement reads.

Each station will have docks for 12 to 20 bikes and will feature a kiosk where non-members can sign up for 24-hour, or multiday passes, or access bikes using a code. Those who pay around $80 for an annual membership will be able to bypass the kiosk and check bikes out directly from their docks. In order for PSBS to operate in compliance with Washington State helmet laws, each station will also have a “helmet dispensing” device, and a helmet return bin, Houser told CHS. Helmets would be available to rent for about $2, would be sanitized after each use, and cycled out after a certain number of uses.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.40.23 AMPSBS is currently taking feedback on suggested locations for its stations. You can weigh in here by looking for the blue dots and throwing your support behind the pre-planned locations. You can also add a station location to the map or add your vote for somebody else’s suggestion.

The share will weigh the locations against four criteria:

  • Population density and points of interest for residents and tourists

  • The proximity to existing transit infrastructure in order to extend the city’s overall network mass-transit footprint

  • Proximity or frequency of a nearby station in order to create a contiguous service area that can be travelled end-to-end with relative ease and speed

  • Technical feasibility and compliance with City siting guidelines

Here’s more from Puget Sound Bike Share:

500 bikes, coming right up!
Wondering why you haven’t heard from us for awhile? We’ve been busy pulling together all the pieces for a 2014 launch! That’s right – by September of this year, you will be able to get around Seattle via 500 bikes docked at 50 stations in Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Downtown and the U-District. Some details about our plans moving forward:

Who will be supplying the equipment?  
We will be purchasing our station equipment from the newly formed 8D/Alta BicycleShare joint venture partnership. An order for bikes will be placed with a well-known global manufacturer later this month.

Has all the needed funding been secured?
It sure has! Over the past few months, we’ve confirmed a number of additional supporting sponsors as well as a local presenting sponsor. Stay tuned for our big announcement with the Mayor next month!

You can learn more and find out about upcoming planning workshops at

Seattle Bike Master Plan resolution
A Seattle City Council committee is expected Tuesday to approve a resolution in support of an updated Seattle Bike Master Plan. The updated plan for the city includes a change in philosophy from a compromised combination of driver and cyclist priorities to an emphasis on separate, protected bikeways and greenways, CHS reported this winter. In February, a downtown business group dropped its threatened lawsuit against the plan.

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7 years ago

Just in time to miss bike riding season. Here’s hoping PSBS has enough resources to keep going until Spring of 2015.

7 years ago

Can those bikes be put on the Metro bus racks? I’ve seen those bikes in use in London and NYC and they must weigh 50-60 pounds. I can’t imagine someone having to lift up one of those tanks to put on a bus bike rack.

I’m glad the bikes are coming to Seattle, yet I wonder what the take rate will be considering our very hilly topography. I see it as a very viable option downtown (but not between downtown and the waterfront). Maybe, a certain grouping of stations along the waterfront, another set scattered around downtown.

7 years ago
Reply to  Brian

I was wondering about a totally different “take rate”. :-)


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