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Blotter | Pike/Broadway BB gunpoint robbery reported

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  • Harvard Market BB gun hold-up: A victim in a reported BB gunpoint robbery near the Broadway/Pike QFC early last Thursday morning walked to the East Precinct to report the crime. According to SPD radio dispatches, the victim told police that the hold-up outside the grocery store likely involved an airgun. We’ve requested the report on the 3:20 AM incident and will update when we learn more.
  • 520vc00095520 bus crash: Seattle Fire had its hand full Tuesday afternoon after a large tour bus smashed into another vehicle on the 520 bridge over portage bay. The 1 PM incident resulted in at least one patient from the vehicle hit by the bus and five injured occupants of the tour coach. Traffic in the area was backed up significantly during the response as medic units dealt with the difficult to reach location.
  • 23rd/Madison art thief: A police K9 unit tracked the suspect around the neighborhood but there was no immediate arrest following a strange art heist from a gallery business near 23rd and Madison late Monday night. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were looking for a man who was seen walking out of the gallery with a large, framed art piece and fleeing the area on foot.
  • Winemaker arrested for DUI: A local winemaker was busted for drinking and driving after a night out on Capitol Hill when a police officer saw her car speeding on E Union late Sunday night. According to city and police records, Lysle Wilhelmi has been charged with driving under the influence. The 52-year-old Madrona resident has not yet entered a plea. According to the SPD report on the arrest, Wilhelmi was pulled over at MLK and Union after an officer follower her vehicle from around 14th and Pike. The officer said Wilhelmi had “watery, bloodshot, and droopy” eyes, fumbled through the car when trying to produce her insurance paperwork, and that there was a “strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.” According to the officer, Wilhelmi said she had been drinking white wine that night at the Six Arms but denied feeling drunk. After a series of sobriety tests, the officer said Wilhelmi was asked to take a breathalyzer test at the scene. She declined and was placed under arrest. At the precinct, the officer writes that Wilhelmi’s breath test registered results of .159 and .157 blood alcohol content. The legal limit in the state is .08. Wilhelmi was cited, released and transported home by cab. A hearing in the case is scheduled for Thursday. Wilhelmi and her husband founded Seattle-based Wilridge Winery in 1988.
  • False stabbing report: Police rushed to 10th Ave in front of Lost Lake diner early Monday following a report that a man had been stabbed. Fortunately, it quickly was revealed that the man who told the cab driver of his injuries was known for playing his “I’ve been stabbed!” joke on people. Police located the car the jokester left the scene in following the 3:15 AM incident and ascertained that no attack had occurred.
  • Madison street robbery: A male victim suffered a tough start to the week as he said he was robbed outside the Moneytree on Madison and Broadway around 7 AM Monday. No details on the mugging are yet available from SPD but the man suffered injuries in the assault and Seattle Fire was called to the scene.
  • Broadway/Pike spit arrest: We asked SPD what the hell happened in this loud incident overnight — now we know:

    Officers arrested a 46-year-old man at a Capitol Hill gas station Monday night after he called 911, claimed that his meth dealer has stolen his truck, and then spit at an officer after she pointed out his truck was still parked in the lot.

    When officers arrived at the Shell gas station on Broadway and Pike just before midnight they found the 46-year-old man yelling at several people in the street.

    Then man told officers he was drunk and had come to the gas station to meet his meth dealer. He then pointed out a man standing nearby, and claimed the man had robbed him at gun point.

    Officers contacted the man and found that he was not carrying a gun. The 46-year-old man then pointed out another supposed suspect and claimed that he had a gun. Again, officers were unable to find any firearm on the supposed suspect.

    After an officer pointed out that the 46-year-old man’s truck was still parked in the lot, the man became increasingly angry and began yelling obscenities at officers. He worked himself into such a rage that he spit at an officer.

    Police arrested the man for assaulting the officer and booked him into King County Jail.

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