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Capitol Hill Biz Notes | A TV commercial for Broadway, new cookie biz, 14th/Pine merchants event

Something retail underway around the Hill we should know about? Drop us a line.

  • Fresh off its recently approved 10% expansion, the Business Improvement Area serving Capitol Hill — City Council calls it the Capitol Hill BIA, it’s still calling itself the Broadway BIA — has produced its first ever television commercial. Set to air across Comcast offerings like Bravo, CNN, Food Network, and HGTV, here’s how they’re pitching Broadway to households in North and South Seattle:

    Gosh, we look fun! Just curious. What clips would you have included?
  • In November 2013, the owners of Samadhi Yoga told CHS they planned to close the 12th/Pike studio after 15 years at 12th and Pike. But then came word that new partners and a possible new tea shop might just mean a change of plans. The studio’s location is now empty — Samadhi announced its last day of classes in April. You can still find some of the instructors continuing to work in the area. No word, yet, on what comes next for the space in the building owned by developer David Zarett.
  • The Bettie Page fashion chain has undergone a branding overhaul. Its Capitol Hill store, which opened in 2013 in the former location of the old state liquor store at Broadway and Harrison, is now sporting the Tatyana brand. The company’s founding designer Tatyana Khomyakova has built her company by creating the Forever 21 of retro fashion.
  • Amazon Fresh competitor Instacart is working to take on the behemoth with desks at Boylston coworking space Office Nomads. You can learn more about the service at Here’s what they told us about Capitol Hill Instacarters:

    We’ve seen a huge amount of demand from the Capitol Hill area – it’s one of our top areas for order volume. It seems that the active residents of this neighborhood love being able to get their groceries and alcohol from Costco & QFC delivered to their door in as little as 1 hour. 

  • Also in start-up mode is Treatbox from local entrepreneur Keith Hubrath:

    My business, Treatbox, bakes and delivers cookies across the city. Customers order online and have cookies sent to themselves or someone else at

    Our cookie bakery is located right on Capitol Hill and I myself am a resident of the Hill. We even sell cookies to two local coffee shops, including Victrola on 15th and Corretto on Broadway.

    Hubrath said he’s on the hunt for a brick and mortar location but, for now, is cooking out of a commercial kitchen near 17th and Madison.

  • An Any Lab Test Now location has opened, conveniently, in a Group Health Capitol Hill building’s retail berth along 15th Ave E. The franchise provides consumers with “direct access to clinical lab tests, paternity and other DNA family relationship tests, drug and alcohol and other toxicology testing services.” More information here.
  • Signs are going up on Broadway next to the Mud Bay pet supply store for Immediate Clinic, another “minute” clinic providing basic health care services including blood testing and x-rays on site as well as a “full service lab” to provide “most of the services of a physician” as well as antibiotics, STD testing, minor suturing, a company official told CHS earlier this year. The clinic is set to open in one half of the former Broadway Blockbuster video store. Broadway’s healthcare business injection continues. A new project from the 8 to 8 Dental Group has opened in the Lyric building while Joule has been home to Zoomcare which opened in 2011 and offers similar services in the growing “minute clinic” industry. Another dental service is also on its way to joining the Joule.
  • Merchants around 14th and Pine are hosting a Family Day over the Memorial Day weekend. The Saturday, May 24th event includes a full roster of kid-friendly fun:FamilyDay-Postcard

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16 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Biz Notes | A TV commercial for Broadway, new cookie biz, 14th/Pine merchants event

  1. There’s a kitchen in Council House that as been rented out to Boom Noodle and some other company in the past, maybe that’s it? It’s at 1501 17th ave. between Madison and Pike

  2. The BIA is great…really captures the essence of our neighborhood. The only thing missing, though, is footage of homeless campers and panhandlers on Broadway.

    • That marketing video is an invitation to continue the influx of irresponsible drunken bigots who come to Capitol Hill. You know, the same ones that cause the brawls on the weekend, verbally assault the residents, and beat up the “freaks” at night. The video should be taken down and no longer aired on “cable”.

      • my thoughts exactly. when people start bitching about the intolerant, drunk assholes from the ‘burbs causing trouble on the weekends, just remember, bia invited them here with this commercial.

  3. There was one black person in the whole video and very quick glimpses of anything LGBT related. And to end with the mob scene outside of Dick’s when Macklemore played is along the lines of DP’s comment above. Kind of disappointing. Not a lot of diversity.

    • Thanks! Your video shows the sleazy part of Capitol Hill which was not shown in the BIA fluff piece. A more objective and accurate video would be somewhere between the two extremes.

      • Groan. The BIA thing is a commercial. It’s not supposed to be real. I think it’s kind of hilarious. But was also surprised and a little disappointed to see the clear nod to some kind of Ambercrombie girl meets boy fantasy showcased in the middle of it all. I got less enjoyment from the joke video. Would have been funnier or more powerful if it showed some stitch of love for the neighborhood. Instead, it’s the most creative trolling I’ve seen this week.

      • This video has always seemed pretty damn queer to me. We have drag queens, baby dykes, men & women in feather boas, pride flags, gay owned & operated business, and lots of shots of Broadway at Pride. Yes, there is a straight couple kissing at one point. Diversity! I’m a little surprised about the criticisms referring to a lack of representation of the LGBT community in the video. I just don’t think that rings true.

        It is a commercial that celebrates the best of Broadway – the people, places & things that we love about the street. That was it’s intention and I think it fulfills it beautifully.

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