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E Pine’s 611 Supreme closes in 18th year on Capitol Hill

(Images: 611 Supreme)

(Images: 611 Supreme)

Born as a crêperie in 1997, 611 Supreme had grown along with Pike/Pine into a full-fledged restaurant and lounge. It celebrated its 18th year of business this January. Friday, owner Margaret Edwins announced this weekend will be Supreme’s last serving Capitol Hill:

Facebook Friends, 611 Supreme is closing after 18 and change years, who’s counting anyways. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the incredible patrons and most importantly to all the staff that have walked through these doors. We will be open tonight regular hours and tomorrow from noon until supplies last. Again, thank you for the support over all of these years!!

553833_10151102545066308_1104714776_nBorn well before CHS started and already well established in the community, 611 Supreme is the kind of Capitol Hill entity that will leave us full of regret — we wish we’d found a reason to write about the charming bee-themed venue prior to bringing you its obituary.

There are no permits on file with the city for 611 Supreme’s building neighboring R Place that indicate any major changes are underway. The R Place building and the 611 building have different owners according to King County property records. Meanwhile, construction on a seven-story apartment and mixed-use building is underway next to 611 Supreme at the site of the former Mercedes dealership. We’re checking in with Edwins to learn more about the decision to shutter her 611 E Pine business.

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26 thoughts on “E Pine’s 611 Supreme closes in 18th year on Capitol Hill

  1. Nooooooo! I love this place. The crepes were tasty and reasonably priced, the service fantastic. It remains my #1 brunch spot. This is a serious bummer. 611 Supreme will be a tough act to follow should another breakfast spot replace it.

  2. So sad…love 611 Supreme! I did notice that the clientele was a little sparse the last few times I’ve been in, but I’ll definitely miss it.

  3. Dammit! 611 Supreme is closing!
    …and suburban hell mega-mall World of Beers stays??!

    What. the. hell??!

    • Thank you for confirming World of Beers is a real place. I passed by it and thought I was hallucinating. I’m sure the Arby’s that replaces 611 Supreme will offer crepes. Just kidding. The Olive Garden that replaces World of Beer will offer Qdoba.

  4. With all the changes that have happened on Capitol Hill, this one saddens me more deeply than any other loss in my ‘hood.

  5. Don’t worry another trendy chain restaurant will open up in its place, or a new non-theme generic nightclub. Yay!

  6. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Why would you do this to us?! There is no place like 611 for brunch. It is our go to. Better crepes than Paris and we love the staff. I can’t believe it. Is the chef for hire? Can we get all the recipes?!

  7. Aww, such a bummer, I really liked that place. For those of you asking about recipes, Margaret shared some of her secrets in this video I shot with her a couple years ago. (the recipe featured is not her exact recipe though)

  8. This is just heartbreaking. I’d love to know more about the why… Was selling to it to keep it alive not an option?

    Over the years I’ve spent many a Sunday brunch here and many late night beers and cocktails. So close to me, one of my favorite spots in my hood.

    • What are you talking about? Seattle doesn’t yet have a $15 minimum wage. Nobody has voted for one as it hasn’t been up for public vote. Kshama Sawant ran on a platform with $15/hour as a goal but her election doesn’t mean we suddenly have $15/hr. It’s being discussed/debated as we speak. And the article itself says the reporter plans to reach out to the owner for more information on why they are closing. If in some far off future, some business does close and blame it on a higher minimum wage, then good riddance, but again, that has nothing to do with this.

  9. I remembered a week or two ago that I hadn’t been to 611 for a long time, so I dropped in for brunch. It was good! Just a reminder that Saley crepes is just a quick walk down the hill, and they are super tasty, too.

  10. Really quite sad, this was where my partner and I went for our first date almost 12 years ago. This wonderful spot will be missed!

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