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New food+drink offerings for 2014 Capitol Hill farmers market season — Plus, new market space above Capitol Hill Station needs support

This scene of Moroccan inspiration from new market food stand Msemenerie gives you a taste of what you'll find on Broadway in 2014 (Image: Msemenerie via Facebook)

This scene of Moroccan inspiration from new market food stand Msemenerie gives you a taste of what you’ll find on Broadway in 2014 (Image: Msemenerie via Facebook)

Farm fresh produce delivered to the heart of the city is one reason to visit the Sunday Capitol Hill farmers market in the Seattle Central plaza at Pine and Broadway. A chance to enjoy the next generation in Seattle food and drink start-ups is another. Below, you’ll find the details on the street food providers joining the ranks at the now year-round market this summer including a familiar face or two and some tasty sounding newcomers.

Meanwhile, organizers are also reminding supporters that it’s time to rekindle support for creating a new, bigger, better space for the market in the transit oriented development planned around the Capitol Hill Station project. Before gobbling down the veritable dessert of market food providers, below, mark your calendar for June 2nd:

Let developers know that you support community priorities at the Capitol Hill Station TOD sites.  Attend a Community Meeting with short-listed bidders on June 2nd from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the SCC Broadway Performance Hall (corner of Pine and Broadway).  Bring your questions!  Refreshments will be provided by the Broadway Farmer’s Market.  Keep Capitol Hill’s voice strong!

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This guy hearts My GFF

This guy hearts My GFF

CHS reported last month on the 14 developers in the running to build around the Capitol Hill Station site in a project slated to include affordable housing, a massive injection of retail square-footage on Broadway and, in some shape or form, community space.

Food and drink at the market
Hopefully those developers get a chance to stop by Broadway and Pine on Sundays between 11 AM and 3 PM. Here’s what they can have for lunch this year. Given the mobile, nimble nature of the ventures, keep in mind that schedules and appearances will vary. Track your favorites down on social media to keep tabs on what’s up.

  • Kedai Makan: Already graduated to its own E Olive Way walk-up and not keeping any secrets about desires for a larger restaurant project at some point, the amazingly delicious Malaysian street food venture got its start at Seattle’s farmers markets and is returning to Broadway for another season of nasi goreng and noodles. Twitter
  • I Heart my GFF: We introduced you to this provider of gluten-free street food fare in 2012 as operator Andrea Ramos Moore brought her concept to Capitol Hill before venturing off into other parts of the city. I Heart/Love my GFF will be back on Broadway. Twitter
  • Meloui: “Sharing Morocco’s most popular street snacks,” this venture from Med Bouj and Ninona Boujrada offers “the first” souq food booth in Seattle. Twitter
  • Patty Pan: One-time brick and mortar tenant at 23rd/Madison, Devra Gartenstein continues to do her market fresh thing at an appropriate locale — the market! Twitter
  • The Chai Place — Indian street food! Twitter? We couldn’t find an account!
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[…] This year’s crop of Capitol Hill Farmers Market food stands includes Kedai Makan, I Heart My GFF, Meloui, Patty Pan and The Chai Place. […]

The Chai Place
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