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Blotter | Victims in 29/King double homicide identified

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  • Dwone Anderson

    Dwone Anderson

    29/King murders: The men murdered this weekend in a double homicide at 29th and King have been identified by officials and friends as 27-year-old Ahmed Said and 23-year-old Dwone Anderson-Young. Police have said that there were no gang connections for either men but have not yet said what they believe led to their deaths early Sunday morning. Police took Matalepuna Malu, a convicted felon with connections to an Everett-area gang involved with the illegal prescription drug trade, turned himself into Seattle Police Sunday night after his image was spread by media across the region. The 26-year-old is currently held on $1 million bail. KIRO reports that police say Malu told a family member he shot a man in the face following an altercation. Malu later told police he was not involved. Neither Said nor Anderson-Young have criminal records. Anderson-Young worked as a developer according to his website.

    UPDATE 6/4/2014: Police say they are now “searching for additional suspects” in the June 1st murders. “Detectives continue to investigate the case and Malu remains in custody at the King County Jail for a federal warrant and an assault investigation,” the SPD statement reads. Malu has not yet been charged in the homicide case.

  • “Mob” attack: The Broadway/Pike Shell station has been a trouble hot spot again this spring. Monday night, the teen son of an employee was reportedly attacked by a group of teenagers:

    A 16-year-old male and his friend where chased by a mob of teens who tried to robbed them. On 6/2/14, at approximately 9:30 p.m., the juvenile victim was walking with his friend E/B on E Pine St on his way to visit his mother who works at the Shell Station on Broadway.

    Four suspects stepped in front of the victim and his friend and began to ask them questions. The suspects then ordered the victim to give them his shirt. The victim refused and one of the suspects punched him in the back of the head.   The victim and his friend attempted to run away but the four suspects chased them all the way to the Shell station where the victim’s mother called 911.

    Officers quickly arrived and chased two of the suspects into a nearby business.   The two suspects were arrested without incident and later booked into the Youth Service Center for Investigation of Robbery.

    The 16-year-old victim sustained soreness to the back of the head.  The second victim was not injured.

    The two outstanding suspects are described as black males, 16-years-old.

    Two reported street robberies also took place around the station over the weekend.

  • Reckless burning: The alley behind the 12th and Pine East Precinct headquarters was the location for a gross Seattle Fire incident that would probably be funnier if it didn’t involve somebody forced to live — and defecate — on the streets of Capitol Hill. SPD got a few yucks out this shitty situation Sunday:

    SPD officers were finishing up paperwork in the East Precinct’s write-up room around 11 AM Sunday morning when another officer walked in and announced there was a fire in the alley behind the precinct.

    Officers walked out to the alley—just west of 12th Avenue and Pine Street—and saw a man standing next to a burning paper bag, which was only about three feet from several dumpsters filled with trash and paper.

    After extinguishing the blaze, police turned their attention to a 31-year-old man standing in the alleyway, who admitted to starting the fire.

    The man told police he had just “taken a [poop] and was trying to burn the [poop] away.” He also claimed to be unaware of laws prohibiting such behavior.

    Officers arrested the man and booked him into the King County Jail for reckless burning. A Seattle Fire Department crew mercifully came and hosed down the alley.

    We’re assuming the charges won’t, um, stick.

  • SPD alley art: The SPD report on the incident didn’t make note of this alley’s art installation —850643937

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16 thoughts on “Blotter | Victims in 29/King double homicide identified

  1. Regarding the “reckless burning” report, I see nothing funny about that episode. Pooping on our streets by homeless people is a significant problem. And no one is “forced to live….and defecate…on the streets of Capitol Hill.” There is a rest room quite near to where this took place (in Cal Anderson Park). And shelter beds are available almost every night of the year in Seattle.

    The sooner we stop making excuses for the antisocial/illegal behavior by the homeless, the better.

    • The thing that kills me is, there is a public toilet inside the precinct. You read that right. All he had to do to avoid this was to go inside for a few minutes and shit like a civilized human being.

    • “Shelter beds are available almost every night of the year”? No. Seattle has a significant shortage of available shelter beds for the size of our homeless population. In 2012 the Committee to End Homelessness counted 2,594 people sleeping outside without shelter.

      • Yes. Just because 2,594 are sleeping outside does not mean there is a shortage. In most cases, they are there because they choose to be there, even though shelter beds are available.

    • Shelter beds are a great way to get robbed and raped, but maybe you’re into that kinda thing.Sometimes the mentally ill dont have a trust fund like the majority of you capitol hill yuppies.I hope you step in shit on your way to Havana.Square.

  2. The owners of the building where I live, at the north end of Cal Anderson, had to put up a locked fence/gate around our dumpster to prevent pooping. A couple of times a week someone would poop in the niche where our dumpster was kept. It was nasty and would stink up the whole area. Yeah, public pooping is a problem!!

    • Nothing is grosser than human poop! We had to put a locking fence around dumpster at 23rd and Union after homeless camp went it. Gross!

  3. Dog shit is epidemic on Capitol Hill. There are hundreds of dogs pissing and shitting around the neighborhood. By taking advantage of a loophole in the service dog laws, these dogs who are “owned” by normal people (read: those who live in a home), are more welcome in restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, etc, than homeless humans are. But these are not service dogs, they’re crutches for emotional cripples. While people continue to condemn the homeless and the mentally ill (human beings who are honestly suffering) the truly sick continue to parade their shit and piss machines around on leashes, fouling the neighborhood with the only source of affection they are capable garnering: a dog they bought.

    • bravo. I agree.

      I believe that if someone is caught not cleaning up after their dogs in public, they should be forced by law to eat said leavings. That would be enough deterrent.

      • I agree with you about the pervasive abuse of the “service animal” laws, but I disagree that our neighborhood is littered with dog poop. Yes, there are a few humans who are guilty, but for the most part Seattleites are really good at “scooping the poop.” I think you’re exaggerating the problem.

      • On my 12 minute walk to work this morning, I counted three instances of dog shit either fresh or smeared into the sidewalk where someone had walked through it. I saw two people stopping to let their dogs piss, one in which it ran down the sidewalk. This was at 9:00 this morning. This goes on throughout the day, day after day. I don’t think I’m exaggerating.

      • Where do you expect dogs to piss? Should they be trained to use the toilet at the owner’s home?

        Me thinks you are just a dog-hater.

      • I started walking 6 months ago, and am up to 90 minutes each day. There is dog crap everywhere, including right in the middle of the sidewalk. Yuck.

  4. Some of this commentary is very mean-spirited indeed. I agree that people do not have to live or defecate outside, but some are mentally ill. I wish they could be in treatment centers. As far as the comments on dog owners, that’s just cruel, but I do wish that Seattle would enforce the rules on animals in businesses. Plenty of people abuse the system and bring pet animals into coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. I am tired of having to deal with poorly behaved pets where there shouldn’t be any. I fully support service animals.

  5. Why this society tolerates gangbangers is beyond me, although it’s obivous a pharma dealer has connections that go up the chain to someone with a real life, career, family, house etc who is secretly obtaining the pills.

    Double homicide should result in execution within a week. PERIOD.

  6. Um, you put the paper bag full of poop on someone’s doorstep, ring the bell, THEN light the paper bag.

    Oh, then run away.