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Cal Anderson water mountain dry for mayor’s minimum wage visit

Cal Anderson Park will be the backdrop for the signing of an historic piece of Seattle legislation Tuesday though the civic green space won’t be in full glory for the occasion. Water mountain still runs dry.

Mayor Ed Murray will be in the park named for his political mentor to sign the legislation passed Monday that puts Seattle on track for $15/hour minimum wage. The ceremony is slated to begin at 1:15 PM in front of the park’s Shelterhouse.

In the background, one of the park’s favorite features remains without water due to required maintenance. The fountain and its flowing pool are slated to be turned back on soon, Seattle Parks assures:

Our plumbing crews have been working at getting all the fountains working after Memorial Day.  Cal Anderson fountain is being cleaned and should be turned back on by the weekend.

It’s not as serious an outage as 2011 when the mountain went dry for weeks after a special pump failed and had to be replaced. Meanwhile, at the end of that same summer, another piece of important legislation for the city’s business community and workers was signed on Capitol Hill. Mayor Mike McGinn came to 12th Ave’s Plum Bistro to sign the city’s new paid sick leave rules into law.

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4 thoughts on “Cal Anderson water mountain dry for mayor’s minimum wage visit

  1. The bottom of the pool on the other side of the walkway will be a surprise “civic green space” for the mayor because it is so full of muck at the moment.

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  3. I’m glad it’s getting cleaned out. I *almost* stepped in it last summer along with a multitude of other denizens until I got a good look at the water where the “river” meets the “mountain” and saw how filthy brown the froth in the water was.

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