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Capitol Hill food+drink | Central Agency project rounds out its offerings with Canadian Meat & Bread

M&B's Gastown location (Image: Meat & Bread)

M&B’s Gastown location (Image: Meat & Bread)

The tennants of what will likely be the center of a southern expansion and leap across Union for the Pike/Pine food and drink scene have rounded into shape with the addition of a neighbor from the north.

Vancouver’s Meat & Bread is slated to join the Central Agency building “to hold down the opposite end of the building from Lark,” we’re told.

“M&B is in the Gas Light district, are very passionate about food and are a great compliment to Lark and the neighborhood in many ways including the fact that they are a daytime business,” a rep for the Central Agency project tells us.

Describing itself as “a man made sandwich shop,” Meat & Bread founders Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington created a working recipe that keeps things simple with a menu pared down to four daily offerings. Bon Appetit, doing the BC tourist thing, called the offerings “lavish.” Today’s offerings are porchetta with “salsa verde,” a “Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb, Caper Tomato Sauce, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Romaine” special, a “Grana Padano, Sambal, Gremolata” meatball variant, and the grilled cheese is “Aged White Cheddar & Shaved Onion.” They’ll run you between $7 and $9… Canadian.

Meat & Bread's roast chicken (Image: Meat & Bread)

Meat & Bread’s roast chicken (Image: Meat & Bread)

Meat & Bread will be part of a very sandwich-y Capitol Hill complex.

Lark is moving out of its longtime 12th Ave haunts to take over the main slot in the new Central Agency project. As we’ve previously reported, it’s bringing its more sit-down take on sandwiches (and pie!) and a raw bar with it:

Bitter/Raw will be perched on the mezzanine above Lark. Oysters, crudos and charcuterie will be the focus, with a large selection of apertifs and amaros as the centerpiece of the drink menu. Slab Sandwich + Pie will be Lark‘s neighbor on the first floor, with daytime hours. When you want to grab a sandwich or a slice of pie in a hurry, this will be your place. We’ll offer take out breakfast and lunch items, espresso and a few choice grocery items. Coming up with recipes and ideas for these new restaurants has been a ton of fun.  We’re so happy that this move is happening now, after years of consideration.

The Central Agency projects are planned to be open later this year.

Meanwhile, where it’s not making room for a giant new daycare, the blocks along the Union triangle between Pike/Pine and the Seattle U campus are clearly being primed for continued food and drink investment. New developments under construction are adding thousands of new square feet of commercial space along Union — we’ve heard a few names ready to bring big fun to the area. Meanwhile, there are already plans for the new home for Ines Patisserie and a giant beer production facility and HQ for Optimism Brewing at Union and Broadway.

Busy area, eh?

You can learn more at

The new Canterbury (Image: Jacob Olson via Twitter)

The new Canterbury (Image: Jacob Olson via Twitter)

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • The new Canterbury Ale House will be open — here and there — this week. Stop by for the soft start and take your chances.
  • Ericka Burke has confirmed details reported by CHS (OK, we didn’t know about the toast bar) on her new Canal Market project in the Portage Bay neighborhood just off the Hill:
    “I want this to be the quintessential neighborhood market, a vibrant hub,” say Burke. “Canal Market will be a meeting place for neighbors to catch up over a cup of coffee, quickly grab a bottle of wine, and shop for dinner. We’re even going totally old school, offering house accounts to make getting in-and-out easy and convenient.”
    We’ve added the full announcement here.
  • Vios owner Thomas Soukakos is joining Spinasse, Artusi and Porchlight Coffee on 14th Ave. Omega Ouzeri will “redefine traditional Greek recipes around the long-standing tradition of ‘meze,’ small plates, of exceptional food, to be shared around the table with Greek beverages such as ouzo, tsipouro, and wine.” CHS broke new of the new project here.
  • Where can you watch the World Cup on Capitol Hill? Here are a few ideas though Von Trapp’s new biergarten isn’t quite ready and Waid’s is now booze-less.
  • Booze-less you say? Yup. The 12th and Jefferson club gave up its liquor license fight. Owner Waid Sanvil has vowed to remain open as an all ages, after hours, and/or hookah club.
  • Other Capitol Hill food+drink folk making waves: We looked at a few of the Capitol Hill names putting money behind a charter amendment to undo the city’s $15 minimum wage plan. One big problem: Can’t put the issue on the ballot until 2015.
  • In the meantime, the International Franchise Association is suing the city (PDF).
  • Terra Plata partner Linda Di Lello Morton goes on national TV to say the new minimum wage plan may cause her “cafe” to close. We think she’s *probably* talking about Elliott Bay Cafe not TP.

    ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News
  • Eater features a pretty reasonable look at how four Seattle restauranteurs including Coastal Kitchen’s Jeremy Hardy are preparing for the new wage requirements. “Those guys in Wall Street must be chuckling—like the invasion of Iraq the 15Now folks missed the target by about 3,000 miles. But we sit in the crossfire,” Hardy is quoted as saying.
  • Vostok Dumpling Housenow in the freezer section.
  • We don’t know who cares but Seattle food trucks are just as clean as Seattle restaurants.
  • Looking for a space for your food and drink project on a happening stretch of street on the quiet side of Capitol Hill — *and* don’t mind the karma of bringing a performance space to its end? Check out — and say goodbye to — 19th Ave E’s Little Theater.
  • Little Theater is not the worst name for a bar.
  • 611 Supremeavailable as event space.
  • The Marination family is holding a tip drive Thursday to help one of their own as she battles cancer.
  • That’s a much better picture. Cafe Solstice on track for Summer Solstice opening.10380222_665808020135232_2450165848216030753_o
  • Now open: Chuck’s patio:10367153_475507505917529_1079691969021561863_n
  • A photography studio on Summit Ave is being transformed into Single Shot bar and restaurant.
  • He created a pain au lait, or milk bun, with a bit more texture than brioche. It’s designed to hold its structure as it soaks up the juices from an all-beef Painted Hills patty that’s been cold-smoked on hickory and mesquite then cooked in a 600-degree hearth oven.”
  • In every daypart and across all segments, the opportunity to enjoy avocados in menu standards and new applications is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to the 2012 Avocado Menu Trak* report, avocado was mentioned on nearly a third (32.9 percent) of 2012 menus, an increase of 48.2 percent since 2005. Add guacamole to the equation, and the mentions rose to 39 percent (up 35.4 percent over 2005).”
  • Sitka & Spruce is launching its new Monday night pop-up series “to provide the space and support to other up-and-coming chefs who might not yet have a space of their own.” The first guest chef Monday happens June 23, Seattle Met reports. See? We knew Matt Dillon is actually a nice guy.
  • What can you still get for $1 on Capitol Hill. Hush puppies, Bar Sue says:10462946_245799542276686_4501394217196488261_n


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  1. The porchetta sandwich from Meat & Bread is *delicious*! Glad I won’t have to go all the way back to Vancouver to get another one.

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  3. The Pender location of Meat & Bread is in the GasTOWN part of Vancouver; I think the nearest “Gaslight District” is in San Diego. C’mon Central Agency PR flack, it’s not that hard for someone representing stuff near Broadway Avenue on Capital Hill ;)

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