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Capitol Hill food+drink | Single Shot bar and restaurant coming to Summit Ave E

There's stuff going on behind the paper...

There’s stuff going on behind the paper…

That might eventually look a little like its sibling Re:public...

That might eventually look a little like its sibling Re:public…

But in an "intimate" little space on Summit Ave E

But in an “intimate” little space on Summit Ave E

We solved our own mystery. In March, CHS threw up its hands and put out a call for help on sorting out exactly what “eating and drinking establishment” was replacing a longtime photo gallery next to the original Capitol Hill Top Pot on Summit Ave E. By the end of summer, you’ll have another exciting new neighborhood project to check out on Capitol Hill. Seattle food and drink entrepreneur Rory McCormick is teaming up with chef James Sherrill and longtime Capitol Hill-based photographer Spike Mafford on a “food-driven bar” to replace Mafford’s gallery in the old, nearly 100-year-old masonry building.

They don’t build them like they used to.

“I kinda like being off the beaten path,” McCormick tells CHS about his latest venture which he expects to open in coming months. “I’m very aware as to what’s happening to Seattle as a whole,” he said. “You don’t find a lot of single story brick buildings built in the 20s.”

“It’s awesome to be part of keeping a great old building.”

McCormick has been working on the project for months as the city’s lengthy “change of use” process has played out to make the space available for use as a restaurant and bar.

Oh, and Spike Mafford will be part of the ownership of the new bar and restaurant taking over the gallery space he called home for 22 years (Image: Spike Mafford)

Oh, and Spike Mafford will be part of the ownership of the new bar and restaurant taking over the gallery space he called home for 22 years (Image: Spike Mafford)

The new bar-centered restaurant will be called Single Shot thanks to inspiration from a giant piece of North Carolina folk art that will hang above the bar. McCormick promises the name will, um, click when you see it.

Single Shot will feature cocktails, beer and wine but also a fully developed food offering thanks to Sherrill who has also worked at Restaurant Zoe and Crush. Described as “intimate,” the restaurant will seat around 42. “The focus will be on the produce, but dishes will be spiked with ingredients like bottarga, caviar and offal,” a call for kitchen talent reads. A custom stone oven capable of reaching temperatures of 800 degrees will be put to excellent use for flatbreads and more. Paired with Sun Liquor, the Summit Public House and the ‘hood’s other food and drink offerings, Single Shot will give Summit-area residents another reason to never leave their particular slice of Capitol Hill altitude.

McCormick is owner of South Lake Union’s Re:public and was also behind the shuttered Post in Post Alley adjacent his family’s Kell’s Irish Restaurant and Pub. He knows the area — he lived for a time directly across the street.

Despite the folk art-inspired name, McCormick says you can expect Single Shot to have “a polished look” thanks to Seattle designer Greg Quist. As for more of Mafford’s photography, McCormick says the partners are still working that out but covering the restaurant’s walls in his work will remain part of Mezcaleria Oaxaca and its sibling restaurant’s signature look.

Unlike the Klebeck brothers who founded their Top Pot doughnut chain there in 2002 and ended up expanding across the nation, McCormick says that with only 42 seats and a relatively modest 1,000 square feet to work with, he is only worried about customers on Summit Ave.

“It’s small enough that I’ll be able to really cater to the neighborhood,” McCormick said.

With an opening still around three months out, there are no websites or Facebook pages to point you at yet. Stay tuned.

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • Opening this week: Restaurant Marron. CHS told you about the fixed menu concept taking over the former home of Olivar in the Loveless Building at Roy/Broadway. More from us soon on Marron’s arrival.
  • Opening soon: The Canterbury. We talked to new owner Mike Meckling about the restart of the former 15th Ave E dive in May as crews scrambled to put the finishing touches on the overhauled space. The project is moving toward an opening but there’s no official date… yet.
  • By the way. Go home, Canterbury Twitter account. You’re drunk.Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.38.28 AM
  • Opening by Solstice? The new Capitol Hill Cafe Solstice is hoping to be open by Saturday, June 21st. We were first to tell you about the return of Solstice owners Joel Wood and Doug Sowers to Broadway after 12 years. The new cafe will fill in a cozy retail back corner of Broadway’s Lyric building at 10th and Thomas.
  • What’s next at the space left vacant by the shuttering of 611 Supreme? Here’s what the sign says. Meh?
  • Monday, Than Brothers Broadway moved into its new location — across the street.
  • The Stranger’s Bethany Jean Clement noticed something fishy about a recent Seattle Weekly article featuring Little Uncle and Kedai Makan. It was written by a PR pro who represents Kedai Makan. Food and drink journalism definitely lives under a different set of rules. Most readers have responded to the revelation with a desire to eat more of Little Uncle and Kedai Makan’s delicious takes on Asian street food.
  • Seattle Mag’s Julien Perry, a past promotion pro herself, gets a great story here on the arrival of Álvaro Candela at The Saint. The man behind years of Suadero Monday night pop-ups at Sitka and Spruce talked with the magazine about his new, expanded effort — and amazing tacos.
  • Speaking of promotion, this City Arts “interview” with Matt Dillon and Kurt Timmermeister makes two cool dudes sound like assholes. CHS reported here on both of the cool dudes joining the all-star A-Team inside 11th Ave’s Chophouse Row.
  • In April, CHS noted the 10th anniversary of Caffe Vita and the historic E Pike cafe’s modest upgrades. More renovations are taking place this week.
  • In case you missed it, Stouta giant, beer-focused restaurant is coming to 11th and Pine.
  • Food has become the new rock & roll in Seattle.
  • Canon is very popular, The Seattle Times reports.
  • Von Trapp’s Memorial Day Weekend suggested gratuity boost: “honest mistake”
  • Waid’s: Still in trouble.
  • Canella Kitchen is now popping up at 14th Ave’s Bar Sue on Sunday nights. More here.
  • Happy third birthday, Artusi:
    The corner of 14th Avenue and Pine Street will be lively this weekend as Artusi celebrates its third-year anniversary.  From Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 8 fans of Chef Jason Stratton’s casual Italian aperitivo bar will celebrate with an array of revelry options including a 6-course menu that includes favorite dishes from all three years and gift card giveaways.
  • Want to be the next Chutney’s Grille on the Hill? $34/square foot, Craigslist says.
    00l0l_leOrQYTywNn_600x450Rare opportunity for retail/restaurant on north Capitol Hill’s 15th Avenue corridor! Stream Fifteen is a new 34-unit mixed use project with a prominent corner location on 15th Ave E and E Mercer Street. Active day and night, 15th Avenue is truly an urban village, a streetfront lined with lively restaurants and boutique retail. Just north of the vibrant Pike/Pine Triangle and adjacent to 48-acre Volunteer Park, Stream Fifteen sits in the heart of one of Seattle’s classic neighborhoods. In addition, the sprawling Group Health medical campus is located within a few blocks, adding hundreds of employees to the corridor during the daytime.
  • Here comes the Oola truck:

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  1. As someone who lives across the street from Summit Public House (and thus just steps away from this new Single Shot place), I welcome a new restaurant (and place to drink) to the neighborhood, especially in light of the departure of Chico Madrid. But as Chico Madrid demonstrated, relying on purely neighborhood foot traffic — absolutely necessary, given the lack of parking — is a tricky thing.

    I’m also having a hard time imagining how they’re going to fit 42 diners into that space — it’s the same size as Sun Liquor, which doesn’t have a full kitchen and can’t come close to seating that many. If they really have nights where they seat that many all at once, they’re going to grab the dining density crown from the hill’s current champion, Pie Bar.

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