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CHS Pics | Capitol Hill Pride colors 2014


Thanks so much to Kate Clark for sharing her work in the CHS Flickr Pool

The rainbow colors of Pride are again flying across Capitol Hill. Thanks to CHS Flickr Pool shutterbug Kate Clark (see her amazingly great neighborhood photos here) took it upon herself this year to explore the streets to capture these many images of the Pride flag flying on Capitol Hill.

Don’t let the Capitol Hill ubiquity of the rainbow flag hang your pride upside down. Sure, QFC’s Pride promotions run headlong into the “Tast of Mexico” campaign alive in the Kroger chain across the rest of the region. Sure, it’s about marketing. But it’s also about incredible changes, amazing characters, and a long history.

In the meantime, get ready for a busy weekend of activities including some fun and important Pride 2014 events around Capitol Hill including the Trans* Pride Parade, PrideFest Capitol Hill in Cal Anderson Park, The Capitol Hill Pride Festival on Broadway, Seattle Dyke March, and Prom Dress Rugby.

You’ll find more than 60 pictures of Capitol Hill Pride, below.

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  1. Props to central cinema for having the best version of the flag! Weird to see it stretched as far as med mix too.

  2. Now that I’m approaching the age of 160, when attending the pride parade I marvel at all the well toned muscled young men and can’t even remember back 130 years ago when I wasnt a saggy wrinkled blob of jello.
    This year I and a friend of similar age are marching, both of us shirtless, carrying a sign that will read “This is your future”.

  3. The flags are great — I just wish folks would take a minute to iron/steam them before hanging them up. All those fold- marks! Agh!