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Embattled Waid’s closes doors but 12th and Jefferson nightclub’s days may not be over

A past Richard Heart de Lion production

A past Richard Heart de Lion production

Waid Sainvil said he has shuttered his Waid’s Haitian Restaurant and Lounge for good Sunday night after a few weeks of fighting to keep his popular nightspot open after its liquor license was yanked by the state.

Sainvil announced the closure Sunday and had one last night of partying at the 12th and Jefferson club before closing his joint for good.

Early this month, CHS reported on Sainvil’s vow to keep his troubled club open despite the state’s decision to strip Waid’s of its liquor license following years of alleged transgressions of liquor rules and SPD drug busts. According to a liquor board representative, Waid’s faced five enforcement violations and one licensing issue. In 2012, a series of drug busts were orchestrated by SPD at Waid’s. An account of the violations as documented by the City of Seattle is included on this CHS post

Sainvil told CHS it was racism and the push of gentrification driving authorities to target his lounge after a series of liquor and drug violations at the 12th and Jefferson club. “It’s a black thing,” Sainvil said. “This is the only place in Seattle where black people from all over hang out.”

Despite Sainvil’s end of gutting it out as an all-ages club, the building’s days as a nightclub may not be over. An establishment calling itself the Agora Lounge has applied for a liquor license for the address. Event producer Richard Heart de Lion declined to comment on the application at this time.

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10 thoughts on “Embattled Waid’s closes doors but 12th and Jefferson nightclub’s days may not be over

  1. This guy is a joke. I know we have a race fetish in Seattle…and crying wolf usually works. However in this case I think its the noise, assaults, shootings, liqour violations, and drug dealing. Even the guilt ridden people of Seattle have their limits.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Waid has been “playing the race card” in an effort to divert attention from the many serious problems at his club.

  2. That’s too bad. I never went to Waid’s, but I have a few friends who did and they always had a good time there. It seemed like a unique venue and I am sorry to see it go amidst the gentrification of the area. Sure, it was shady outside sometimes, but that comes with being a nightclub in a city. Here’s hoping a similar place opens up so people still have a place to go dancing.

    • Ah, yes, this was gentrification’s fault too. So, what, then– if the neighborhood would’ve just stayed sketchy and marginal, then shootings, fights, drug sales and liquor violations would’ve been ok? Do you realize how silly it sounds to pull “gentrification” into the mix? Like it’s perfectly ok and common and acceptable in other neighborhoods?

      • Seriously….enough with the Gentrification B.S. So tired of hearing it. If that means making a neighborhood safer, cleaner, and overall a nicer place for most to live, then bring it. So what if it means housing cosst more….it should. Quit bitching and go figure out how to improve your situation. Or is it easier to be the victim? I suspect it is. Pfffft.

      • If everyone is born smart enough to go to college and study something that will get them a six figure job, they would have all done it. Do you think you can play professional sports if you just “quit bitching” and work harder? I don’t think so. It is the same thing with people who are stuck at low level jobs for life. Poor upbringing, low IQ, you are f–ked no matter how hard you work.

      • That is undoubtably true. And we all know “life isn’t fair”. But that doesn’t excuse fights, gunshots, drug deals, underage drinking, etc. It may explain why they are more likely to happen, but it doesn’t excuse them, does it?

  3. Please, enough with the race card and gentrification blaming.
    If someone ends up murdered there, then the outcry will be heard that “The cops/city don’t care about inner-city violence, rather they just turn a blind eye. This death is a tragedy and should never have happened!”

    Don’t African-Americans realize (And yes, I understand it’s not everyone) that the constant playing of the race card when it is so OBVIOUSLY not a race issue just furthers the divide?