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Outwatch slated for Pride weekend patrols on Capitol Hill

1981930_379581918850331_137013191_n (1)A group of volunteers dedicated to keeping Capitol Hill’s streets safe for the LGBTQ community and the neighborhood’s nightlife revelers has announced it is planning its patrols to be active during the busy Pride weekend.

The patrols will be the first since the formation of Outwatch lead by E Pike business owner Jennifer Dietrich of Dr. Jen’s House of Beauty.

CHS first reported this spring on the effort to revive a new era Q-Patrol in the wake of anti-gay attacks and a sense of increased danger on the streets around Broadway and Pike/Pine. Organizers have said they have struggled to attract volunteers for the patrols planned to walk people safely to their destinations or provide safe rides home for nightlife performers or bar and restaurant employees. Around 40 people have signed up, according to a message on the group’s Facebook page.

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