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Two killed in 29th Ave/King shooting — UPDATE: Arrest made

Seattle Police are investigating the death of two of two men in their 20s in an early morning shooting in the Central District.

Police and Seattle Fire units rushed to 29th Ave S and S King just south of Jackson early Sunday morning around 2:28 AM. Two male victims with gunshot wounds were found in the street following 911 callers reporting gunfire near the location. Both died of their injuries at the scene as medics responded.

UPDATE: SPD has identified a suspect in the murders as Matalepuna Malu, pictured here in a photo provided by police.

UPDATE x2 6/1/14 5:27 PM: SPD reports that the suspect has been taken into custody after turning himself in.


UPDATE x3 6/2/14: Police believe the shooting of the two men, ages 23 and 27, was not gang-related. “Neither of the victims had a criminal history and neither man is suspected of any wrongdoing,” an SPD statement reads. “Investigators continue to follow leads and gather more information in this case, and ask that anyone with information please call (206) 233-5000.”

Police say the suspect Malu is a 26-year-old Samoan male, 5′ 11″, 200 pounds with dark hair. According to court records, he was convicted for illegal possession of a firearm in 2007 after being barred from owning a gun following a 2006 burglary conviction in Snohomish County. In 2011, he was again convicted for illegal possession of a firearm and sentenced to 30 months in prison. “According to records in the case Malu is linked to a gang distributing oxycontin in the Everett area,” the Justice Department said in a statement following the 2011 conviction. “The gang, called the Waco Boys, repeatedly sold drugs to undercover agents and people working with law enforcement between March 2009 and February 2010.”

Malu is currently in the midst of a trial on another felony charge in Snohomish County.

In 2010, he was arrested in connection with an Everett murder but was not charged in the case.

Though they were not carrying identification, police have identified the victims who were found murdered. Their names have not yet been released publicly.

Witnesses reported seeing a black or silver vehicle fleeing the area following the gunfire. King County Sheriff’s Guardian One assisted in the search for the vehicle which was last seen headed south on 29th.

Shell casings were found scattered on the ground at 29th and King. The area remained closed through Sunday morning as investigators collected evidence.

Meanwhile, East Precinct police also responded to a reported stabbing at Pike and Belmont around 4:45 AM. A man called 911 to report he had been “cut” but according to Seattle Fire radio dispatches, his injuries were not life threatening. We’ll update when we learn more.

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24 thoughts on “Two killed in 29th Ave/King shooting — UPDATE: Arrest made

  1. This is not Leschi. At least no one in the neighborhood considers it Leshi. It may be the voting district and there may be a nice sign saying “Welcome to Leschi” over on Yesler, but no one calls the west side of the hill below 32nd Ave, “Leschi”. There was gunfire from about midnight on as far north as MLK and Union and cops and helicopters. This was a prolonged event that does not show up on the Seattle 911 map. “Shots fired” calls almost never show up on the map.

    • The Leschi neighborhood is officially bounded by Norman on the south, Martin Luther King Way on the west, Cherry on the north, and Lake Washington on the east. It’s definitely part of the neighborhood that the Leschi Community Council represents. In fact, the Leschi Community Council supported the renovation of Flo Ware Park, which is only two blocks away from the shootings, in 2003 and has held annual community gatherings there every year since.

      • Thank you for clarifying the Leschi boundaries. A lot of folks aren’t aware of the neighborhood border lines and the history of this area. This is all so terrible no matter where it is.

    • Not sure what you mean about the west side of the hill below 32nd Ave not considered Leschi. Leschi School is on the west side of 32nd Ave. Leschi Apts is on MLK @ Yesler. The Deeds of property says Leschi between Madrona & Mt Baker, north and south. From MLK to Lk Wash east and west. When those reports are made, thay are made from actual record kept data. The CD is not real. Not on any docs at all. It was strictly named for the colored district. 29th & King is Leschi all day long!!! Sorry to disappoint!

      • Leschi School is on the east side of the hill. And yes, we all know the CD is not an official neighborhood but a general region. However, the blocks between MKL and 31st/32nd are rarely called Leschi by anyone except realtors. Which I see by your tag, you are.

  2. They call it Leschi when they’re trying to rent or sell houses here.

    deadrose – living a block away

    • Yeah, it’s Leschi when there are homes for sale. For news ccverage, whenever there’s a shooting or a murder, it’s ALL the CD.

  3. It was a mess from 1-4 am, non-stop sirens and helicopters until 4 (I live in Squire Park). Kept repeating they were looking for a silver Sebring on the scanner. This, after getting screamed at and chased down the street yesterday by some dude, and making eye contact with a prowler outside my window the night before… what the hell

  4. It is considered Leschi. The boundaries of Leschi are the Lake on the east; Martin Luther King Jr. Way on the west; Cherry on the north and Norman on the south.
    This is one block away from the Senior Center which gives its site as “the Leschi bluff” on its website.

  5. What the fuck is wrong with these nutcases? You are KILLING people! They are no longer living over nothing.

  6. Malu, with his record of crime, is clearly a really bad guy. Hopefully, he will be tried, convicted, and sentenced to many years in the big house.

    • Really. What if Malu had nothing to do with this? What if he was in Auburn at the time and has a half-dozen witnesses to prove it? What if YOU were Malu and this was your truth? Wouldn’t you turn yourself in and have the police verify your alibi rather than die in some shoot-out?

      This is why we have trials, hearings, evidence, a justice system. You’d rather just judge a guy by his record and the color of his jumpsuit and send him up to “the big house.” Did I get that right?

      • You must think the police just throws out random names willy nilly like it’s no big deal to accuse someone of murder. If Malu was accused it’s probably because there’s a witness or someone knew the two victims were meeting up with Malu. Likewise, if Malu turned himself in it’s probably because he has an alibi. But criminals aren’t very smart individuals and I’d be willing to bet his alibi is going to crumble. I have heard about Malu before and can confirm the guy is dangerous and should have been put away for much longer last time he was convicted. Hopefully they put him away for good this time.

      • I know the family of one of the victims and even attended the funeral services today. He was an innocent young man in the prime of his life who was killed by a senseless crime. This psychopath criminal needs to be locked up for life. His family is grieving and are in complete shock. This murderer mulu killed two innocent men and robbed them of their future. What kind of sick individual guns down people on the street in cold blooded murder? May god rest their souls. Taking the life of the innocent should not go unpunished and he should be sentenced to the maximum amount of time in prison. He should have been locked up a long time ago and maybe this wouldn’t have occurred and these two young people would still be alive. If our justice system was so screwed up maybe we could have prevented the death of two young men. Smh, what is happening in our communities?!!

      • Put him away for good? He should be publicly hanged in Westlake Square within the month. This society is morally BANKRUPT! And I’m a liberal, but not when it comes to death penalty. Wake up people!

      • No, you didn’t get it right. Did you not see the part of my comment that referred to a trial? If he really has a valid alibi, which is highly doubtful, then the justice system will let him go.

        A Seattle Times story today reports that Malu’s brother placed a 911 call to say that he had received a call from Malu, who admitted that he had just shot someone in the face and that he was sure the person was dead.

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  8. Seriously? If it makes you feel better that it didn’t happen in Leschi, think about the father who was driving through 23rd and Cherry and got killed by a stray bullet in his car in daylight. Does it make me want to stay out of the area? Sure does. SO much for gentrification. The people paying 600k for a house in this area might want to step on their mayor a bit, but he has richer people to work for.

    This story sucks, because it once again asks why does this country put weapons in the hands of total trash? Probably because Republicans living in Leschi profit from handgun manufacturers who deal guns on the side, that end up in criminal hands in places like Everett and Tacoma. Then, voila, back into the city they come.

    Keep telling yourself you’re safe. In America, you’re never safe. Maybe in Laurelhurst, except from a daddy go crazy.

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