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Blotter | Modern cuisine chef charged in DUI, hit and run

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  • Chef charged in DUI, hit and run: A well-known figure in Seattle’s modernist cuisine scene has been charged with DUI and hit and run after being busted late Tuesday night allegedly driving away from the scene of a collision near Madison and Summit, according to City of Seattle Municipal Court records. Maxime Bilet, 32, was arrested after a caller told police a black 2013 Honda CRV hit another car just before midnight Tuesday and left eastbound on Madison. Police caught up with the Honda a few minutes later and pulled Bilet over near 17th and Madison. A former director of Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine venture, co-author of Myhrvold’s six-volume book on the subject, and current proprietor of an exclusive dinner series business, Bilet was evaluated and taken into custody. He’ll return to court later this month to enter his plea on the charges.
  • Pot DUI-free Capitol Hill: According to SPD records, Bilet’s DUI investigation involved evaluation for impairment due to alcohol consumption. The arrest is the only DUI listed in records for East Precinct beats covering Capitol Hill and most of the Central District since the start of legal marijuana sales in Seattle on Tuesday. Don’t drive high.
  • E Pike mugging: Around 1:30 Thursday morning, police found a man who said he had been mugged 30 minutes earlier walking E Pike between Broadway and Belmont. Medics were called to the scene to treat the victim who said his attackers had been two possibly Hispanic or Asian males, both wearing shorts and one in a black and the other in a red t-shirt. We have no details on what was taken in the street robbery or the extent of the victim’s injuries. There were no immediate arrests.

  • Excited delirium at QFC: Police cleared customers from the Broadway Market QFC late Saturday night when a man exhibiting signs of “excited delirium” was reported to be threatening employees and causing a ruckus in the store. Several police units arrived at the store in the 400 block of Broadway E around 11:45 PM to deal with the man believed to be under the influence of drugs who was reported to be grunting and sweating profusely before finally being taken into custody. A 30-year-old male was treated for exposure to pepper spray following the arrest. UPDATE: We’re told the male treated for exposure was also the man exhibiting the strange behavior. He was reportedly sprayed by a person concerned about his behavior. Police showed up to settle the situation down and remove the excited man.
  • Bellevue/Pine traffic cop impersonation charge: The City Attorney’s office has charged retired Seattle police officer Mike Deacy with one count of criminal impersonation:
    The City alleges that Deacy, in uniform, was flagging and directing traffic at a construction site at Bellevue and Pine on Dec. 13, 2013 although his authority to act as a police officer had expired. SPD’s Office of Professional Accountability investigated Deacy after a young woman complained about his behavior.
  • Still wanted: The manhunt continues for Muhammad Ali Brown, charged with the double homicide of two gay men last month at 29th and King.
  • Lake WA Blvd naked man chase: Police chased down a man apparently having a very bad trip early Tuesday after a middle of the night chase on Lake Washington Blvd:

Naked Man Breaks Into Home, Gives Sermon, Admits He Took Some LSD
Written by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee on July 8, 2014
A naked man led police on a foot chase along Lake Washington early this morning after smashing his way into a home in the Denny-Blaine neighborhood and sermonizing to the family inside.
The family was asleep inside their home in the 400 block of Lake Washington Boulevard E. just before 2 AM when they heard someone crash through their front door and begin loudly reciting scripture.
A woman inside the home called 911 while her husband armed himself with a baseball bat to protect his wife and two young children, who were holed up in the upper floor of the house.
As officers arrived at the home, they spotted a naked man walking down the street, talking to himself.
When the naked suspect spotted officers, he took off running along Lake Washington Blvd. Two officers were able to catch up to the nude man and corral him.
After officers arrested the the 20-year-old suspect for burglary, he admitted he’d taken LSD before the incident, and was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment. Officers later booked the man into the King County Jail.

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