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Capitol Hill ‘Construction Hub’ designed to keep people moving through development wave

Living, walking, and doing business on Capitol Hill isn’t always easy amid the forest of construction cranes that sometimes feels like it has taken over the neighborhood. But the City of Seattle says it is working to coordinate construction project in key areas of the city, including Capitol Hill.

SDOT_Construction_Hubs_Boundary_Map4.8.14-1024x662SDOT’s Construction Hub Coordination Program was launched this spring to help keep residents and local businesses moving even with unprecedented numbers of construction projects underway in Seattle:

The hub team of project and on-site coordinators assess permitted construction holistically, across public and private lines, in areas with multiple simultaneous construction projects in close proximity—otherwise known as construction hubs.

Capitol Hill’s current hub boundaries are defined as a north-south rectangle from E Harrison to E Madison between Broadway and 15th Ave:

Capitol Hill Hub: Area bounded by E Harrison St to the north, Broadway to the west, E Madison St/E Spring St to the south, and 15th Ave to the east.

The program has four goals:

  1. Assessing all project schedules together to identify conflicts and minimize mobility/access impacts
  2. Creating mapping systems showing all planned and active mobility impacts from all hub-area construction
  3. Establishing reliable lines of communication with impacted communities
  4. Providing on-site enforcement to monitor and resolve conflicts

For construction related concerns in the Capitol Hill hub area, SDOT says you can contact site coordinator Wayne Gallup at (206) 681-6099 or by email.

Businesses can also work with liaison James Kelly at (206) 684-8612 or by email.

You can learn more about the program here.

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5 thoughts on “Capitol Hill ‘Construction Hub’ designed to keep people moving through development wave

  1. A lot of this looks like it will make it easier to drive, which is awesome, but what about the poor pedestrian who often has nowhere to walk amidst all the construction?

  2. I just want to know when they’re going to take down that $%&*@?! sidewalk barricade at Broadway and Denny. Anyone know when that’s supposed to happen? I haven’t seen a sign with this info.

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