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Ready for another Capitol Hill music festival? Vibrations returns to Volunteer Park

558273_10151170275526351_935403658_nProrated over the entire slate of Capitol Hill’s summer music festivals, Block Party’s $60 ticket prices are downright reasonable. You can start to achieve that actuarial discount Sunday, August 3rd as the Vibrations festival makes a triumphant return to Volunteer Park.


This spring, CHS told you about festival organizers Cairo reviving the free summer music festival with a crowdfunded version of the event free of corporate sponsorship. While the online drive generated only a fraction of the $10,000 goal, producers have moved ahead with the free day of music, art — and summertime dancing on the Volunteer Park grass.

Vibrations 2012 from Koji Minami on Vimeo.

Cairo’s Aimee Butterworth and Joel Leshefka told us more about how Vibrations 2014 came to be:

We raised money for Vibrations in a few different ways this year, including all the awesome people that donated via the Indie Go Go campaign. We had a few fundraising parties and have some local companies that sponsored the festival. They will be at the festival with retail and food booths in exchange for their donation. We’d love to help get the word about Vibrations but also the great businesses that will be there who helped fund it. They include: Patty Pan GrillAnalog CoffeeHigh Five PiesSix StrawberriesKimberlin Silver Co.Rachel RavitchBlackbirdHerbivore BotanicalsDebacle Records, Vintage records by Beats and Bohos and Spin Cycle, Tarot with Hit the Deck Tarot and Aura Readings with Samantha Parrott.
We raised enough money to move forward with Vibrations on a smaller budget. A lot of people playing, participating and organizing the event are donating their time and energy. We are very gracious to have so many supportive people in the community. It’s going to be a very fun day with so much going on.
You can find more info about all the bands / artists on our Website and on Facebook.

Here’s the 2014 Vibrations line-up:

Cairo presents our third annual VIBRATIONS festival!

Sunday, August 3rd // Volunteer Park 


Vangelina Jolie & Av A Lon

Gazebos (GGNZLA)
netcat (Table & Chairs)
Wimps (End of Time Records, Help Yourself)
USF (Ceremony Recordings)
Stickers (End of Time Records)
DJAO (Dropping Gems, Customs Crew)
Midday Veil (Translinguistic Other)
Naomi Punk (Captured Tracks)

dj i’m sorry (FEEL U), R-Pal (Haute Haus), Tony Snark (CUSTOMS), DJ Hojo (CUSTOMS)

High Five Pies, Patty Pan Grill, Analog Coffee, Rachel Ravitch, Kimberlin Silver Co, Six Strawberries, Sugar High, Herbivore Botanicals, Blackbird,Hitthedeck Tarot + Aura Readings by Samantha Parrott, and Debacle Records.

Aidan Fitzgerald
Adam Boehmer & Dan’l Linehan
Chango: Sound in Motion
Daniel Michael Viox
Derek Erdman
Frank Correa
Jd Banke
Jean Nagai
Max Kraushaar + Graham Downing
Nick Bartoletti, Penetration Now, Ben Van Citters
Seattle Free Movement Society
Street Life: a Game by William Statler (Punishment)
Trevor Brown

You can stretch that summer music budget further still with a pre-Vibrations visit to Volunteer Park for Wednesday night’s free chamber music event.

And your ROI will certainly soar come Saturday, August 9th, when the annual Summit Block Party returns bigger and more free-er-er than ever. Here’s what 2013 looked like. More information at

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