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Superhero group plans to distribute homeless ‘repair kits’ to people living on Seattle’s streets

The crew finishing a night of work (Image: WAHI)

The crew finishing a night of work (Image: WAHI)

1503273_486707884783834_51353645_nThis spring, CHS reported on what appears to be a growing shift of homeless people coming to Capitol Hill to find a place to live. Part of the trend is simply an influx of people of every demographic coming to the city. Another part is the services and resources available here — and rapidly being cut away elsewhere. There aren’t other places to go. The Washington Hero Initiative group — some donning masks, others taking a more subtle approach to being superheroes — are setting out to help by assembling “repair kits” to distribute to people living on the streets of Seattle:

The Washington Hero Initiative (WAHI) believes that everyone deserves to be safe, to be cared for, and to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their station in life… which is why they will be hitting the streets of Seattle from 9PM – 11:30PM on Sunday, July 27th, for the WAHI’s Summer S.I.G.N.s of HOPE distributing water, socks, and their newest creation – “repair kits”, which consist of duct tape, string, sewing kits, etc. “S.I.G.N.s”, or the Superhero and Initiative Giving Network, is a local event that can (and does) happen anywhere, and is a part of the larger “Project HOPE” event that takes place just blocks from San Diego Comic Con every year.

You can get involved and learn more on the Washington Hero Initiative Facebook page.

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