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Bike-In movie night at Cal Anderson cranks up bike theme for 9th annual event

LhOzRGu4InH4Ln9OfiD7VvZcOxNjPqQ-lJ7xAb7KV-YszlrwhJ_k8xq6NVHgkVRaViS9pd6-ZZYt4l54gm57hI_oVb72OrSdj5s_EbbIUNJ9tlsKiupi-5p3UmFSiy58sMb4BUxiFX4lP4EsN9cuHtnNqCSYN1IkUxvK8wINLA2wdfWz2PIsa3l8xcoHaL8gNO85gFLjYqaeuGdAgUxuy4sBiking over to Cal Anderson Park on a warm August evening to take in an outdoor movie is practically a summer tradition on Capitol Hill. On Saturday, the Northwest Film Forum’s 9th annual Seattle Bike-In will be even bikey-er as it screens Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bike chase thriller Premium Rush! as well as eight bike film shorts. The Bike-In is free and starts at dusk.

Meanwhile, regularly scheduled programming continues at Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s outdoor movies in Cal Anderson with Clueless this Friday. Here are more Bike-In details from NWFF:

Named as one of the reasons Pike/Pine belongs in the “Top 12 Art Places in America,” the Seattle Bike-In has become a staple of the summer outdoor movie calendar. Our annual event in Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill celebrates sustainable transportation, urban community and summer nights! Grab your bike and your friends for a free outdoor film—summer nights never felt so right to be on two wheels.

This year’s program includes a lineup of bike film shorts, plus the Joseph Gordon-Levitt bike chase thriller Premium Rush!

(David Koepp, United States, 2012, 91 min)

A dashing bike messenger rogue named Wilee must fly on two wheels through Manhattan to deliver a message to Chinatown, before a dirty cop catches him!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt fixees his way through choreographed bike chases in this hilarious B-movie fueled by pure adrenaline and Tex Avery-style zaniness! If you ever dared to dream the French Connection’s climatic show down could be paired performed with environmentally friendly vehicles, your wish has come true.


Paper Boy
dir. Mik Gaspay
A throwaway drawing comes to life and escapes into the virtual world.

Steel in Motion
dir. Yoni Man
An Israeli bike builder transfers motion from dance to bicycle.

dir. Webster Crowell
Interplay between dancing, bicycles and speed.

Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa
dir. Benny Zenga
Thrill-seeking cyclists take on the new terrains of South Africa.

Tête de la Course
dir. Jonas Ott
The big adventure of a determined bicyclist.

Sister Session
dir. Helen Habakuk, Doris Taaker, & Brett Astid Vomma
Girls as BMX pioneers.

dir. Shuyler/Drake/Tate/Albert
A man and his pursuit of preserving original bicycles.

dir. Chester Bennett & Wil Kristin
Exploring the fascinating relationship between people and bikes.

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