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Blotter | Central District park armed robbery, update on 11th Ave mugging

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  • Judkins Park robbery: Police are investigating a gunpoint robbery in the Central District’s Judkins Park around 9 PM Monday. The obviously shook-up victim provided CHS with a thorough account of the hold-up. There were no immediate arrests:Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.56.50 PM
  • Cal Anderson artist mugging: CHS has learned more about the mugging we reported this weekend of a man hit from behind and knocked out while walking on 11th Ave along Cal Anderson Park. 74-year-old 11th Ave resident Arturo Artorez lost his phone, wallet, glasses and iPad after he was hit from behind, knocked out and robbed while he walked on 11th Ave around midnight Friday. The robbery was not initially reported to police but we’re told Artorez has since been in contact with police. You can come out to support Artorez when his art show opens at Vermillion on October 9th.
  • Noll murder trial update: The trial of Thomasdinh Bowman for the the alleged at 15th Ave NE and 75th road rage murder of Broadway QFC wine steward Yancy Noll has been delayed pending the availability of lawyers involved in the case, a rep for the King County Prosecutor’s office tells CHS. Court documents currently list a three-day delay until Thursday but the county representative said the trial may not begin until October.
  • $5,500 burglary: The leasing office of an apartment building in the 1100 block of E Union was hit in an expensive break-in early on the morning of Sunday, September 14th. According to the report on the burglary, a thief was caught on video in the ripoff which claimed about $5,500 worth of property including computers and items in Amazon shipping boxes:Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.19.16 AM
  • No pot tickets: City Attorney Pete Holmes is moving to negate every public marijuana smoking citation issued in Seattle between January and July as part of the continued fallout from the revelation that one West Precinct officer had been responsible for issuing 80% of the tickets this year.
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3 thoughts on “Blotter | Central District park armed robbery, update on 11th Ave mugging

  1. Judkins Park… post a description of the little thugs. I walk the park daily, recognize the locals, and would love to contribute to their potential identification and incarceration.

  2. Where did the Judkins Park mugging happen? The address “9304 20th St” doesn’t seem to be an address that exists in this neighborhood.