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Blotter | Couple says beaten on Pine in unprovoked attack

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  • Pine beating: Two residents of an apartment building at the base of Capitol Hill told police they were severely beaten by a group in an unprovoked attack just up the street from the building early Saturday morning.Both victims suffered facial injuries in the beating. Police say the man and woman reported a group including three males and two females approached them just before 1:30 AM Monday morning as they sat on a bench smoking outside their apartment building and began a savage beating for apparently no reason:Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.23.43 PMA Seattle Fire unit was called to the scene of the beating in front of the Baltic Room nightclub to treat the two victims. Police say officers then drove the couple to Harborview for further treatment.According to the SPD report on the incident, the victims told police the suspects in the attack were a group of five Asians who were last seen crossing the street and getting into a white SUV before fleeing the scene. No other suspect details are included in the report. The victims told police they could not provide a description of the attackers and said they wouldn’t be able to recognize the group if they saw them again. The responding officer said the man and woman were intoxicated at the time of the attack.Police found a security camera on a building in the area but were unable to access anything it recorded at the time of the report.
  • Charges in 11/Pine car vs pedestrian incident: Seattle busted a driver for DUI and hit and run after a pedestrian was struck near 11th and Pine early Saturday morning. Dustin L. Smith, 25, has been charged with driving under the influence, hit and run, and obstruction for his alleged attempt to flee the scene of the 1:18 AM incident. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
  • Convention Place stabbing: The victim in one of the weekend stabbings CHS reported here described an excruciating ordeal after what he says was an attempted robbery near the Convention Center late Friday night. The victim told police he was waiting for the bus around 9:30 PM Friday when he was approached by two males:Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.59.02 PM
  • E Pine stabbing: Police investigating the first of two Friday night stabbings in the area (see item above) found one of the incidents may have been act of self defense. Around 11:20 Friday night, officers responded to a reported fight disturbance near Pine and Boylston involving a female carrying a ukelele and a knife. A man stabbed in the buttocks had apparently fled the scene. The female in the incident offered the following account to police:Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.08.45 PMThe report says other witnesses at the scene corroborated the female’s story though one witness said the male who was stabbed had punched the female in the face before the fracas began. Police say the person stabbed in the incident fit the description of a man believed to have been responsible for other robberies in the area. Police were unable to find the person in the area. Officers seized the knife used in the stabbing because it was of an illegal length, according to the SPD report.
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  1. Holy shit, what is going on here?
    We lived in Manhattan for 20 years, with few incidents in our various neighborhoods, and then in Hawaii for another 20 years, again few incidents.
    We absolutely love Seattle. Moved here 2 years ago , after 40 years visiting, but are considering moving again…to Venice, Italy where nothing happens.

    • NYC residents wanted to get serious about crime, and they got a police force that is serious about crime. We want a police force that enforces social justice instead of the law, and that’s what we get.

    • I’d guess to say that what, 20 or 40 years ago (whatever your timeline) of being in Manhattan, crime was all around you. It just happens that now you live in an age of community blogs that reports crime at a micro level. You think NYTimes or WNBC is going to report on every stabbing, mugging, in the five boroughs? No. If you love Seattle, as you purportedly do, than you’d actively try to make it better through community participation rather than flee. Something tells me you have a pension for the latter. Have fun in Venice… Seattle certainly won’t miss you.

      • I am 80 years old, and have spent 60 years in community participation.
        Also, no amount of community participation has stopped my rent on the Hill from going up almost $1,000 to $3,050 in two years.

      • I’ll miss them. We need more citizens who love Seattle and want to get involved and help solve some of our problems. I hope they stay.

      • JimmyCap, you are so correct. TYLER, WTF?! Why act like such a SeattleFreeze douche to people who love and have given to this city? Cut the crap (or, maybe it’s folks just like you who should take a hike). BE NICE.

    • While it’s true there appears to be a crime spree (likely by one group of people) and that muggings in total were up this summer, the increase in the reporting and coverage of crime by blogs like this make it appear that much, er, more up. In the past, you never saw every mugging or assault covered by the local papers, at least in large-ish cities.

      So don’t be convinced that there were so few incidents in your Manhattan neighborhood, unless you had someone reporting your local police blotter on a daily basis (and it seems unlikely that the 80s NYC were so crime-free). And you might want to look into the neighborhood crime blogging for Venice, if you believe nothing happens there crime-wise.

  2. Having lived on the Hill for the past decade or so, it mystifies me that people aren’t making the connection between this “crime wave” and the slowdown/work to rule situation going on with the Seattle PD right now. The connection is so obvious that it would barely warrant comment, other than the fact that its turned into this huge elephant in the room that everyone’s afraid to acknowledge, preferring I guess the comfort of a “crime wave” to the the thought that Seattle Police are actually humans and are just doing what anyone else around here would do when they find themeselves working for thankless bosses and customers.