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Capitol Hill food+drink | Nuflours gluten free bakery plans October opening for 15th Ave E cafe

The crew celebrates its "community sourced" check to help pay for the new cafe (Image: Nuflours)

The crew celebrates its “community sourced” check to help pay for the new cafe (Image: Nuflours)

Funded in part by an innovative community financing campaign, a new cafe is set to join 15th Ave E at the Nuflours bakery.

“Our customers were delighted to help in anyway they could,” Amanda Bedell of Nuflours tells CHS. “The day after the campaign ended we had a Bakery Pop Up Friday and so many squareholders came by — cheering, hugging, singing (really!). So fun!!”

In August, CHS reported on the call for “squareholders” — community members willing to put up a $50, no-interest loan through the Community Sourced Capital systemto help Nuflours finance the buildout of a new cafe space inside the 80-year-old bakery it’s been working out of since spring. 132 loans were made helping Nuflours raise $15,000 to go toward the project.

Bedell says the new Nuflours cafe — the company’s first Seattle storefront — is slated to open Friday, October 10th at 7 AM.

(Image: Nuflours)

(Image: Nuflours)

The cafe will offer the full gamut of Nuflours gluten free creations plus some new additions:

  • Breads: Baguette, Fococcia, Olive Bread, Garlic Parmesan Loaf, Vegan Flax Sandwich Bread, Sesame Sandwich Bread, and more!
  • Savory/Breakfast: Quiche (personal size, daily flavors), Cinnamon Rolls, Scones, Muffins (daily flavors) “Good Morning” Breakfast Muffin, and more!
  • Sweet: Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Gingersnaps, Salted Caramel Brownies, Chocolate Macaroons, Apple Crisp Bars, Millionaire Bars, Coconut Oatmeal Yoyo, Lemon Bars, and more!
  • Grab & Go Cakes: Carrot Cake, Classic Chocolate, and more! 

The new space won’t feature an espresso bar but will serve drip coffee from Conduit and Caffe Vita and will also offer soups from Got Soup?.

Hours are planned to be 7 AM to 6 PM on Tuesdays through Saturdays, 8 AM to 5 PM on Sundays and closed on Mondays.

Rhubarb-strawberry bars (Image: Nuflours)

Rhubarb-strawberry bars (Image: Nuflours)

“The cafe menu was really fun to create,” Nuflours founder Phebe Rossi is quoted as saying in the announcement of the new cafe. “A lot of us at the bakery are gluten free and ultimately asked ourselves, what do we want from this? That, along with help from our Facebook fans, we designed an exciting opening menu.”

Moss Interior Design provided the plans for the build-out completed by Armstrong Contracting. The cafe was designed as “a no-trash generated establishment” and will serve with reusable, compostable or recyclable wares.

Bedell and Rossi found the home for their first brick and mortar location on 15th Ave E in the space where North Hill Bakery shuttered after losing its lease after 13 years in the longtime bakery space.

Nuflours, formerly d:floured, launched in February 2011 at Seattle farmers markets, coffee shops, co-ops, and grocery stores.

You can learn more at

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • Speaking of baked goodness, the Pocket Bakery is popping-up on Saturdays on E Union while it prepares to open a nearby brick and mortar location.

    Pocket's Saturday spread (Image: Pocket Bakery)

    Pocket’s Saturday spread (Image: Pocket Bakery)

  • Just down the street, a pot shop plans to open at 23rd and Union — possibly as soon as Saturday.
  • Comet, Lost Lake and Big Mario’s owner Dave Meinert is also getting into the pot business.
  • How about a “cakery?” Ballard’s beloved Hot Cakes is opening on Capitol Hill next year inside the development that replaced the old home of beloved B&O Espresso on E Olive Way. There will be a fire pit and s’more roasting. Also boozy milkshakes.
  • Thursday is Eat Out on Capitol Hill. 39 restaurants and cafes are donating a portion of proceeds to support the Country Doctor Clinic:
    ADA’S Technical Books and Cafe | Altura | Barrio | Be Bar | Bimbo Cantina | Broadcast Coffee, Bellevue Ave. | Broadcast Coffee, Yesler | Cafe Vita | Cha Cha Lounge | Cherry St. Coffee | Coastal Kitchen | Cupcake Royale | Good Citizen | Hello Robin | Hopvine Pub | Liberty | Lost Lake Lounge | Mamnoon | Manhattan | Mioposto Bryant | Mioposto Mt. Baker | Molly Moon Ice Cream | Monsoon | Oddfellows Cafe | Poppy | Poquitos | Quinn’s Pub | Restaurant Zoe | Ristorante Machiavelli | Sitka & Spruce | Skillet Diner | Smith | Tallulah’s | The Tin Table | Van Trapps | Victrola Coffee | Via Tribunali | Vios | Witness
  • Have you been to Trove yet? Our pictures from the opening weekend, if no. If yes, what did you think?

  • More izakaya and ramen is coming to Capitol Hill. Kukai will open on E Pine.
  • Pettirosso’s Monday bakery pop-up has been getting lots of love. Monday the 29th, they’re doing BBQ:
    Beer, Booze, and BBQ Pop Up with Campfire at Café Pettirosso
    It’s that time again friends… The usually vegan-friendly Café Pettirosso is opening their doors to our favorite meat lovers, Campfire BBQ, to serve up their delicious smoked meats. And our fingers are so ready to be sticky with all that goodness!This month, we are partnering with Jack Daniels and Silver City Brewery, because what goes better with BBQ than American whiskey and a local cold one? We’ll have ambassadors in house from both Jack Daniels and Silver City to help you pick the perfect meat/booze pairing, and to assist with tastings, of which there will be many. In fact, we’ll have paired tastings and cocktails from Jack Daniels entire line as well as the delicious, local brews from Silver City Brewery.Come by, grab some BBQ, and taste everything these guys have to offer. The party starts at 6pm, those of you who know your way around these events know to get here early, their smoked meats usually sells out…
  • Witness :)
  • Rumba celebrated its second birthday.
  • Lark says things are on schedule for its planned November opening in the Central Agency Building:
    Construction at the Central Agency Building continues at a steady clip. We often walk over in the afternoons to check out the latest additions to the site. Our friend Robert Cipollone, of Gensler architecture, has done a tremendous job designing the new space. Robert also designed the original Lark and he’s carried over many beloved elements.  You’ll see the same warm wood and subtle textures and colors.  Overhead, undulating rows of bare bulbs hang in a ‘curtain of light’, an ode to the curtains that have become a signature of Lark.
  • There’s still another week! At Rock Box: “Proceeds from this month’s Jell-O shots go to Children’s Hospital.”
  • “Welcome to the thriving Seattle restaurant industry! Here are a few things I learned the hard way…
  • Chef about Capitol Hill Becky Selengut has a new book out — Shroom: Mind-bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms
  • Volunteer Park Cafe’s Ericka Burke has announced her Canal Market project down in Portage Bay will open in November
  • Remember when Griffey Jr. was filming a commercial at Lost Lake? Here it is:

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10 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Nuflours gluten free bakery plans October opening for 15th Ave E cafe

    • I agree. Most of those who claim to be gluten-sensitive are self-diagnosed and are not sensitive. The various symptoms can have a lot of causes, but many people jump on the “gluten bandwagon” to explain them, when in fact they have other problems. Surveys have been done which prove what I am saying.

      The primary benefit of the gluten-free fad goes to those who produce the gluten-free foods.

    • Personally gluten free baked goods rarely taste as good. Hopefully they can stay open when the gluten free fad fades away. It would be good for people who really need it have a place to go.

      • But can a bakery which has only gluten-free products survive if their market is only those with real gluten sensitivity? I doubt it.

      • Apparently you have not tried NuFlours products. They are VERY tasty. I am the only one in my family with gluten sensitivity, but my entire household enjoys NuFlours baked goods. They are a blessing!

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