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Firefighters called to rescue after men fall in 15th/Pine sewer hole

IMG_5448IMG_5461Seattle Fire continued its busy day on Capitol Hill with a rescue callout to 15th and Pine Thursday night after two men reportedly wandered onto an unfamiliar property and fell into an open sewer construction hole.

The call just after 7 PM brought a ladder truck and police to the building at the northeast corner of the intersection. By 7:35 PM, one man had walked out while the other was rescued by firefighters using their truck’s ladder fitted with a hoist to rope the man up.

A witness tells CHS that two apparently inebriated men busted through a fence onto the condo building property and proceeded to fall into the about 10-foot deep sewer hole.

The victim lifted from the hole was being evaluated for injuries by medical personnel. We’ll check in with SPD to see if the victim was cited for entering the property.

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9 thoughts on “Firefighters called to rescue after men fall in 15th/Pine sewer hole

    • Not “awesome” if this happens to be your home, as it is for me and 23 other families. I’m hoping at least these two jerks will be cited.

  1. Why was there a 10′ deep hole uncovered? Obviously these guys deserved what they got, but it still seems unsafe to have a big hole like that exposed (yea, a fence, but still, a grate seems to make sense).