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One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

Screen-Shot-400x537Here are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:

  1. Seattle’s first parklet under construction on Capitol Hill
  2. Is the Creepy Cameraman hanging out on Capitol Hill?
  3. Big Capitol Hill names behind Cone and Steiner grocery market project
  4. Stabbing at City Market
  5. Capitol Hill rent hikes in old *and* new buildings follow citywide trends
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One thought on “One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

  1. Seems like that parklet in front of Montana’s has been around much longer than a year. Weird.

    According to the SDOT website, there’s another one in the works for the Comet Tavern / Lost Lake corner, and another further up Union more in the Central District.

    Coincidentally I was down on 2nd Ave walking by the site of the former Noc Noc and noticed they have planning docs up on the windows to put a parklet along there (I guess that’s the “Chromer Building” one).