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Seattle Fire battles two-alarm Bellevue Ave E apartment building fire — UPDATE: ‘improperly discarded smoking materials’

(Image: Lisa Drogin)

(Image: Lisa Drogin)

Seattle Fire battled a challenging apartment building fire in the 300 block of Bellevue Ave E Thursday morning.

The fire could be seen shooting flames from the top of the five-story brick building at 305 Bellevue Ave E. The fire was first reported just before noon. A column of dark black smoke churned into the air and could be seen from across the city.

We do not have any information about reported injuries or damage at this time.

The Roy Vue Carroll Kensington building was constructed in 1908 according to King County Records.

Seattle Fire categorized the blaze as a two-alarm fire indicating a higher than usual level of resources committed to the response. Around 90 firefighters were part of the response.

The Red Cross said it was dispatching its disaster response team to assess needs and provide assistance.

The fire marshall has been called to the scene to investigate. UPDATE: Seattle Fire says  “improperly discarded smoking materials” on the deck caused an estimated $25,000 damage to the building’s roof and also caused a propane tank to explode. There were no injuries.

More pictures below.

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  1. You initially reported the fire at my building. I ran home from work before you corrected your mistake. Nice journalistic standards. My fault for trusting a blog.

    • Having some initial errors is the nature of our news these days. We expect (demand!) immediate news and with that comes the caveat that not all of the information is going to available or correct. I should think you’d be very grateful to learn your home had not caught on fire.

      • I guess if it would make you feel better, somebody could come set a fire to your bldg. Would that be better? At least your trip wouldn’t be wasted….?

      • I guess you’d feel better if it really was your building? Then at least YOUR trip wouldn’t be wasted! Everyone is doing their best, chill out.

    • You’re a fast runner. I talked to the building manager at the Roy about 6 minutes after adding incorrect building name information provided by a witness.

      • It’s actually The Carroll. I live in the Kensington, next door. They’re managed by the same people and the “complex” is referred to as The Carroll-Kensington. My building, the Kensington, caught fire last year. This was The Carroll.

  2. Does anyone know what a two-alarm, three-alarm, etc. fire is? Most building fires have several lines on the Fire Dept. incident report, where additional equipment is called out, but they are not designated as multiple alarm the way this one is. What triggers the “multiple” category?

  3. Thank you Seattle Fire Department! We appreciate our tenants and community coming together in a hectic time. The Carroll Building has a great community of people past and present that called and or emailed to check on all of our safety. No gossip, just concern.

  4. improperly discarded smoking materials, eh? I though that building and the Kensington next door prohibit smoking on the premises after last summer’s fire.


    I’m glad nobody was hurt, to be sure!

    • They do, just hardly anybody pays attention to those rules. It’s incredibly annoying and frustrating. Smokers, in general – not all, but certainly a decent majority from what I can tell (and as an ex-smoker myself) – seem to have the attitude that smoking is their “right”. Uhm, no. :(

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