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23 spookiest Capitol Hill Seattle posts… ever

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

How about another Hilloween tradition? We’ve updated our annual list of the spookiest CHS stories… ever. We’re up to 23! Don’t read in the dark! CHS will be out and about on Halloween as always to capture the scene and cover any breaking news. See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. In the meanwhile, here are some of the best tales of mystery and paranormal activity from around Capitol Hill from the CHS archives. Feel free to tell any Capitol Hill ghost stories you know about in the comments.

In 2010, CHS found these lines of numbers written in chalk on the cobbles of E Howell particularly disturbing

In 2010, CHS found these lines of numbers written in chalk on the cobbles of E Howell particularly disturbing

  1. Chalk number mystery on E Howell cobbles
  2. 16th Ave E’s ‘haunted house’ comes down
  3. The Nevertold Casket Company might just be the strangest shop on E Republican
  4. Meet the Klineburger Brothers and Capitol Hill’s taxidermy past
  5. The tale of the Winchester House of Capitol Hill (that never ever existed)
    (Image: CHS)

    (Image: CHS)

  6. Capitol Hill skinned squirrel mystery SOLVED
  7. Tale of the spooky business on 19th Ave E
  8. Happy Halloween Capitol Hill! Check out my real paranormal ghost video, if you dare!
  9. CHS X-Files | #13Magnus
  10. CHS X-Files: The Joan Armatrading painting of 14th and Olive
  11. CHS X-Files | Capitol Hill drone pilot spotted, glowing orbs
  12. CHS X-Files: Mystery midnight boom rattles Miller Park and Madison
  13. Paranormal Investigative Unit Capitol Hill Office
  14. Paranormal Investigative Unit Capitol Hill Office reports — File #2012
  15. Visitors to his Capitol Hill grave — and the Pine Box — mark 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death
  16. Digging up Capitol Hill’s mortuary past as the last funeral home works to prolong its life
  17. Is the Creepy Cameraman hanging out on Capitol Hill?
  18. Capitol Hill’s five most haunted places

    1) Harvard Exit Theater
    “When a second auditorium and screen was constructed on the third floor in the early 1970s, the ghosts of several women dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing began to appear. Most of the sightings were on the third floor and near a fireplace on the first floor.”

    2) The Ben Lomond apartments
    “Although she saw everything else, trees, the ground, bushes…everything where he was standing was illuminated but she he’d vanished. When she covered the light, there he was again.”

    3) Lake View Cemetery
    “so while we were hanging there just sitting there not so much in the dark since there was moon light giving us serenity. my girl caught a glimpse of a lady running about from tree to tree and from bush to bush and from grave stone to grave stone. watching us. and peeking over every obstacle in it s way.”

    Here’s another account — complete with photographic evidence — of paranormal activity in the Capitol Hill cemetery.

    Meanwhile, this page claims the The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery cemetery near Lake view is haunted. It also notes reports of apparitions at the Daughters of the American Revolution building near the Harvard Exit.

    4) The Burnley ghost
    “In the 1960s, students and staff began reporting strange nocturnal events: doors opening by themselves, sounds of disembodied footsteps, phones dialed by unseen fingers, coffee percolating without human assistance (before Mr. Coffee!). People would arrive in the morning to find furniture mysteriously rearranged or stacked during the previous night, when the school was supposedly empty and locked.

    Speculation over the cause focused on the story that a high school student had years earlier fallen to his death on the school’s steep rear stairway. There is no documentary evidence of such an incident, but most witnesses believe the apparition to be a young male.”

    The page also has tales of spookiness at the Capitol Hill Methodist Church and more details about the haunting of the Harvard Exit.

    For another account of the Burnley ghost check out Haunted America By Michael Norman and Beth Scott.

    5) The spirits of the Baltic Room

  19. A new haunting on Capitol Hill
  20. Dead can dance on Broadway (and they did Saturday night)
  21. CHS Crow | Lou, Carrie & Yohan — ‘The ghost messed with me a lot’
  22. Death and density: 40,000 and counting make Lake View their eternal Capitol Hill home
  23. Spoiler Alert: Mystery of the Capitol Hill Mystery Coke Machine’s mysteries REVEALED


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