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Capitol Hill pot publisher covering the business of Seattle’s retail pot economy

10336788_301921989965574_8598761731603846361_nWhile there might not be any I-502 pot shops on Capitol Hill proper that doesn’t mean marijuana-related businesses aren’t cropping up around the Hill. One man is even crazy enough to try to make it in the media business! John Tommervik created High Above Seattle to review bud and rate the new stores opening around the city. It launched in March. You can check it out at

“I looked at applying for marijuana license and all these different things and I just realized that where I would be best at because of being a creative director and a marketer and all that is to develop a website that just focuses on the local Seattle marijuana industry and just cover it,” said Tommervik who runs the site from Capitol Hill and lives in the neighborhood.

He says his home neighborhood is a big influence on HAS and the growing marijuana industry in Seattle.

“Capitol Hill has been the counter culture of Seattle for so long and I think that has lot to do with it,” he said. “I think everything seems so accepted. You know, gay marriage, marijuana…”

High Above Seattle covers recreational marijuana from stores and locations, to the owners to the quality of product.

Tommervik feels that the future of marijuana will be very different. He sees the city being a home to marijuana bars where people could go buy marijuana, smoke and hang out. Drawing comparisons to coffee shops in Amsterdam, he expects to see the same thing happening in Seattle but not for a long while.

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Tommervik says that he and the HAS writers would focus more on the “entertainment” aspect of recreational marijuana but feels that the industry needs to grow first.

While the Hill doesn’t have its very own shop, Tommervik said he does cater to the audience by posting events and news about nearby recreational marijuana stores to help keep Capitol Hill residents and other Seattle marijuana consumers informed.

As more stores open,Tommervik said he hopes High Above Seattle will keep growing along with the city’s I-502 economy.


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