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City Hall | Happy Indigenous People’s Day, Seattle

seal-seattleHere are the latest Capitol Hill-affecting votes and maneuverings from Seattle’s City Hall:

  • Indigenous People’s Day: Next Monday, October 13th, and every second Monday of October thereafter, please join CHS in celebrating Indigenous People’s Day in Seattle. Monday, the City Council voted to jettison the city’s traditional observation of Columbus Day, KPLU reports:
    Mel Sheldon, former chairman of the Tulalip Tribe, was among many who testified in favor of the measure before the vote. To rounds of drumming and warm applause, he said thanks in his indigenous language, Coast Salish. “This initiative makes me proud. It makes all Indian people proud, because you’re thinking about the future generations — the children, the little ones, who are not born yet,” Sheldon said.

    Seattle Public Schools will observe the day (PDF) but, like Columbus Day, it won’t mean a day off from classes. Sorry, kids.

  • Microhousing regulation: The development of Seattle microhousing is now regulated. Monday, the City Council also approved the set of rules that has been wending its way through City Hall for two years that will create new review requirements and limit the housing type from certain areas of the city. The new regulations, however, leave space for the densest microhousing to continue in Capitol Hill’s core. The mayor had threatened a veto of the bill if it resulted in changes that would force developers to increase rents in microhousing-style apartments. The mayor backed off that threat in a statement issued following Monday’s vote. In the meantime, a judge’s decision has prompted DPD to kick 21 microhousing developments back in the planning process.
  • High-speed fiber network: Seattle will boost deployment of its fiber network for internet service with a bill passed by City Council “removing excessive administrative requirements for siting of new broadband cabinets, incentivizing smaller cabinets that deliver higher speeds and requiring landscaping and screening in neighborhoods.” The Central District will be among the city’s first neighborhoods to benefit from the new rules.
  • Budget hearing: The first public hearing for the proposed 2015-6 City of Seattle budget will be Tuesday, October 7 at 5:30 p.m. at Garfield Community Center, 2323 East Cherry Street. CHS reported here on Mayor Ed Murray’s first budget proposal including money for 50 new police officers and expansion of bike sharing to the Central District.
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