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Hilloween 2014: The return of ‘Where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill’

Halloween Trick Or Treating in Capitol Hill, SeattleLike Jason and Freddy, some CHS posts never really die. They just crawl back out of the CHS archives, ready to delight and inform CHS users — again and again and again.

For some, this is their first Halloween on Capitol Hill. For others, we hope the sequel is a kind of candy corn-y tradition. Once again, we’ve analyzed the data and crunched the numbers to determine the Capitol Hill Trick or Treat Hot Zone for 2014. It looks familiar. We’re ready and willing to adjust boundaries or new hot pockets of giant-sized Hershey bar goodness to the map — just let us know in comments.

The action in the hot zone gets going around 5 PM for wee ones with the older kids emptying out candy dishes until 9 PM. If you go, find a place to park outside the zone and jump on the 10 bus or take a stroll. Also remember to say please and thank you, kids, to the neighbors who create the amazing party every year. The weather forecast, as usual, includes rain — but looks like things will get less drizzly through the evening.

Halloween Trick Or Treating in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Halloween Trick Or Treating in Capitol Hill, Seattle

We’ll have more on Halloween-y events around the Hill and other items spooky and delightful, soon. Happy Hilloween.

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6 thoughts on “Hilloween 2014: The return of ‘Where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill’

      • Haha, me too! It’s a pity apartment buildings are left out of the Halloween fun. I know it’s probably not practical, and people would bitch and moan about it, but it would be cool to at least post someone in each apartment front door lobby to hand out candy. I myself wouldn’t mind working that detail in my building. Oh well. It’s an idea.

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