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Now that we have a doggie bar lined up, check out the Capitol Hill plans for a cat cafe

(Image: Seattle Meowtropolitan)

(Image: Seattle Meowtropolitan)

10151787_549796821816308_7131859603313253472_nAs prophesied, Capitol Hill’s first dog bar will likely be followed by Capitol Hill’s first cat cafe:

Matt Lai (official title, according to his email signature, is “Cool Cat”) says cat cafe plans are moving along, but still nascent. He and his two partners are about to launch a round of crowdfunding, which will help determine minor details like the location and the space. Still they’re hoping to be open by mid-2015, preferably somewhere on Capitol Hill.

Nascent, crazy cat lady, so just settle down. There’s not even a Kickstarter yet. But there are cafe designs, logos and even merch on the Seattle Meowtropolitan Facebook page. We’ll keep you posted on any signs this project moves beyond fantasy stage — though with several of the city’s best journalists already on the case, we might not be the ones to break this story. We are, however, hoping it moves in next to Purr.

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7 thoughts on “Now that we have a doggie bar lined up, check out the Capitol Hill plans for a cat cafe

  1. Um…as the staff of two cats (they DO NOT HAVE OWNERS) I can’t see why people would want to take their cats anywhere. Dogs, yes, they get goody when you mention the W word. Cat’s, not so much.

  2. What an awful idea. Cats are not dogs. As a rule, they dislike strange cats almost as much as they dislike being taken out of their territory.

  3. Love it! It’s funny people thought it would be a place for people to socialize with their own cat. That would never, ever work.

    As another posted stated, this is a popular business idea that (I believe) started in Japan. A Cat Cafe also recently opened in the Bay Area.

    The resident cats will all be cats that get along and hopefully will also be fosters or cats that otherwise wouldn’t have homes if they didn’t live at this cafe.

    It’s really a place for people to have a unique tea/coffee experience. Especially for people that like cats but don’t have one at home. You come here to pet cats, play with them, and then leave. No litter or fur all over your house because “your” cat is actually just a cat you visit over a coffee.

    • Agreed. More and more places on the hill are not allowing pets (I could never live in one of these places) and this is a good outlet for pet lovers to be near cats when they don’t have the option at home. I’m sure those leaving the “cat cafe” will leave feeling a little more relaxed.

  4. Darn, I was looking forward to watching people bring in cats on leashes and observing butt-hole lickings while enjoying an Americano. LOL.