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Trumpet brings men’s shoes and fashions to Capitol Hill this winter

Artist rendering of the coming-soon Trumpet

Artist rendering of the coming-soon Trumpet

Aaron DelGuzzo and Daniel Carlson see a void in men’s shoe stores in the Capitol Hill retail scene, and they aim to fill it.

“The fact that there is nothing means that we need it,” DelGuzzo said.

The first-time business owners are opening Trumpet in a retail space inside the new Viva building at 12th and Union selling fashionable footwear and men’s fashion accessories.

They stressed the shoes won’t be athletic or urban, but fashion. The bulk will retail for between $100 and $400 a pair. While there will be some options that sell for much more, the duo also has plans for some pairs that will be less than $100.

“We believe that fashion footwear does not have to be expensive,” Carlson said.

TRU3142-Trumpet-Instagram_LV1-BWhile shoes are planned to be the focus of Trumpet’s inventory, the shop will also sell men’s jewelry, hats, bags, socks and possibly a few other items in that vein.

“It will be a highly edited assortment of men’s shoes and accessories, DelGuzzo said.

The two are excited about jumping into a neighborhood where the economy sometimes seems only able to support restaurants and bars. They pointed other neighborhood clothing stores, such as Totokaelo or Alive & Well. Though they were quick to note they will have a very different set of goods.

A sample of brands they plan to carry include Yuketen, New Balance, Converse, Grenson, Buttero, Puma, Norse Projects, Black Pine Workshop, Maiden Noir x Buddy, Garbstore x Reebok, Nike and Adidas.

While brands like Nike and Adidas might seem out of place in a fashion footwear setting, the pair said those companies make shoes beyond typical sneakers.

“They do lines you wouldn’t see in the Nordstrom department store,” DelGuzzo said.

They also point to the recent development boom, and the creation of a number of fairly pricey apartments nearby as a sign that there should be a market for their goods.

“These people living in these high-rises — they have nowhere to shop,” DelGuzzo said. “There’s no men’s shoe store.”

Trumpet got its name, Carlson said, because the duo wanted something fun to say, optimistic and inherently masculine.

Carlson points out that trumpet can also be a verb, and he and DelGuzzo are excited to bring their business to the city.

“We love Seattle. We love living here, and we want to be a part of the culture.”

They hope to open the 1,080 square-foot store in February 2015 at 1101 E Union in the wedge shaped Viva around the corner from the Ines Patisserie.

Keep up with them at and on Instagram @trumpetgoods.

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23 thoughts on “Trumpet brings men’s shoes and fashions to Capitol Hill this winter

    • It is unfortunate that you feel the need to comment on such a great concept. You should practice embracing change, and the bettering of ones own city. Maybe it will be exactly what you were waiting for, and you too will grow and develop. (And retire the word “douce”) it’s less than becoming.

  1. WOW!! What a beautiful space! I think this is just what Seattle needs… Finally the men in this city will be walking around in style!

    • Hmmm you’re either the owner or a hipster shill for the place.

      It’s nice when a new place opens, but that doesn’t mean everyone or even very many people can afford it or will shop there.

      • Who said “everyone”? Stores like this aren’t for everyone. GameStop isn’t for everyone. Pizza Hut isn’t for everyone. That is why we have choices. So, stop being pessimistic and embrace change, development, and refinement. I can not wait for Seattle to rise to its potential. Places like this are exactly what I have been waiting for. Thank you guys, and I wish you all the best on your endeavor. Seattle is full of well-educated, ambitious and fashion-minded individuals!

    • So today all the guys on Capitol Hill have ugly shoes and lack style?

      You’re really winning us over…

      Odd that you’re aiming for style but chose to put your shop in one of the city’s most hideous creations that is the VIVA apartment building.

      • I don’t recall anyone saying, “guys on the hill lack style.” I do think that it suggested that we have few places to shop- very true. Perhaps it would be in your best interest to patronize such establishments. Therefore you will be less sensitive to such accusations because you will know you look great!

      • You are correct, you said city and did not single out Capitol Hill. But Capitol Hill is a part of the city.

        When you say “finally, the men in this city will be walking around in style!”, it implies that at present, men in this city lack style and your shop will correct that. That’s quite an arrogant judgement to make. This makes your shop seem like it will be pretentious and unapproachable.

        Yes, we’d rather have more retailers going in to break up the restaurant/bar scene as said by the other commenter but your marketing needs to be less off-putting.

      • I’m not the owner. I came across this blog on my friend’s Facebook page. My excitement for a new store quickly turned to resentment for this tragic “city”. How could a place offer so much beauty and potential and its people be so ugly and unfortunate. Stop being so sensitive and timid. If a place is “unapproachable” grow a pair and walk in. Say hi! Make new friends. Learn new things. People in this city don’t like new things because they are afraid.

      • This visual reminds me of the lobby of the Four Seasons (which I detest) I find it incredibly pretentious and unwelcoming. I would certainly keep walking if I looked into this space and saw 6 single shoes lined up.
        Like the new building it resides in there is no “soul” here. It just looks dead to me.

        Hopefully based on the comments these owners will come up with something that doesn’t look like it is in downtown Dallas or Century City and instead fits in to colorful and eclectic Capitol Hill!

  2. I can understand not wanting to tout the competition but it annoys me they didn’t mention Edie’s. They’re a great part of the Hill’s retail landscape. And a lower price point than this store. Curious to see how this new store does.

    • “Rich”??? I’m confused. When is a pair of $100-$400 shoes for rich people. Perhaps you should find a new topic to share your thoughts about. Maybe shopping, or even economics and finance, aren’t your area of expertise. “Rich” is a loaded term that suggests tons of disposable income. I think the shoes these individuals are selling are aimed at a broader audience. Well-off or comfortable may be better to describe this group of people.

      • I think it’s safe to say the vast majority of people would think $400 for a pair of shoes is something only “rich” people could afford. If this shocks you it says more about how oblivious you are to the lot of most working people, than it does about whether any particular pair of shoes is “expensive” or not. I have no idea if you could ever find data to support it, but I’d bet 90% (or more) of the US population has never owned a $400 pair of shoes. All that being said, good luck to the owners. I’m sure that 90% isn’t their target audience (nor does it need to be).

      • Alot of working people spend that kind of money on large flat screen tv’s, players, blu rays, dvds, Xbox, games, smart phones, etc…..
        If you don’t like it, or can’t afford it, then for goodness sake don’t buy it, stop judging and move on!

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