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Capitol Hill food+drink | La Bête sequel Spaghetti Western will bring BBQ, pasta to Bellevue Ave


(Image: Spaghetti Western)

Aleks Dimitrijevich’s promised rebirth of La Bête is no longer the restaurant with no name. Next week, Spaghetti Western will open on Capitol Hill:

 thats the new name… what the name lacks in imagination will be made up for with good flavors and good fun of course! and thats the bottom line, hopefully some of the best BBQ, noodles and drinks on the Hill…. burgers, chicken liver mousse and pork rinds will be back on the menu of course!

Dimitrijevich announced the new life for the Bellevue Ave space over the weekend in his typically open, colorful, and just a little bit dark style. “Going to start it off slow like a brisket,” he writes about the planned November 11th reopening, “wait for the rest of the ingredients and staff to complete the marinade, then we’ll be full steam in a quick.”

10698457_1501791060094270_6575276971180071989_nCHS talked with Dimitrijevich about his surprising decision to kill off his four-year-old La Bête monster this summer:

On top of La Bête’s Bellevue Ave bones, Dimitrijevich tells CHS he will open a new, more focused restaurant that carries forward his aesthetics and favorite dishes while streamlining the new business and finding a new shape and flavor for it all. “It’s going to be something new and more focused,” he tells CHS. “There’s so many things I feel like I would have to fix with what we have now.”

Dimitrijevich tells Seattle Met that Spaghetti Western will serve a menu of BBQ classics like “pulled pork, ribs, sausages, and brisket” plus “smoked duck legs, trout, and salmon” along with sides “potato salad, slaw, braised greens, or chili.” “To go with all this barbecue: several types of spaghetti (maybe a spaghetti a la mac and cheese or a vegetarian version with mushrooms) and a lasagna Bolognese,” Allecia Vermillion writes. She also reports that the liquor end of things will be more cocktail-focused than before.

We expect Dimitrijevich’s huge custom meat smoker that can fit up to 160 pounds of “hams, roast, and what have you” will be busy.

It’s a crazy combination — as nutty as Italian directors working with American movie stars to produce classic cinema. It also leaves us looking forward to visiting Dimitrijevich’s next project slated to open in the same location in late 2018. No word yet on what they’ll serve at Inglourious Bastêrds.

You can learn more at

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • The Fremont Arts Council says it is moving its Winter Feast December food truck festival to Capitol Hill this year.

    Testing! (Image: Outer Planet)

    Testing! (Image: Outer Planet)

  • North India-inspired Kanak is now open on 15th Ave E.
  • Central District wine and charcuterie bar Bannister opens for real starting Tuesday night (November 4th).
  • Congratulations to the folks at Outer Planet. The tiny micro-brewery venture got its liquor license approved and is getting ready to open on 12th Ave.
  • “The team will also re-conceptualize The Hunt Room restaurant and Fireside Room lounge, as well as give the building’s unique Madison-facing courtyard a new look.
  • Stateside is set to open — with some help — later this month. As part of the story, CHS also looked at just how much food and drink development activity is underway around the Hill. Here’s a look at recent years:unnamed1And here’s a look at 2014 vs. 2013. If you’re wondering if things might be tailing off, they’re not. We count about 36 restaurant, bar or cafe related buildout or tenant improvement projects underway through October this year — about 1/4 more than at the same point in 2013.Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.01.11 PM
  • Speaking of permits, paperwork says that the space left empty across from Seattle U by the exit of Kokeb will be filled soon — by the triumphant return of Taco Del Mar to the greater Capitol Hill area.
  • Madison Valley has a new Southern comfort food cafe. Simply Soulful Cafe also has lots of pie.
  • Happy eight years Poco.
  • UPDATE: This just in about a fundraising drive and benefit to help chef Tyler Moritz in his battle with stage four bladder cancer:
    The Seattle restaurant community was deeply saddened to learn that local chef Tyler Moritz is once again battling cancer, and has rallied around their friend to help provide him with financial support through the difficult treatments by hosting a fundraiser. Moritz has worked in some of the best Seattle kitchens over his career, including Union, Lark, La Bête, Stoneburner, and most recently, Zig Zag. 

    The fundraiser will be held at the Novelty Hill Januik Winery in Woodinville on Sunday, November 23. All of the funds from the event will be donated to Moritz, including tips. For those interested in helping out immediately a Give Forward site has been set up at,


    The event begins at 6pm with a silent auction and cocktail reception followed by dinner at7:30pm. Mike Robertshaw of Restaurant Roux and Aleks Dimitrijevic of Spaghetti Western (formerly Le Bête) will present passed appetizers during the reception, followed by a five-course dinner prepared by Manu Alfau of La Bodega, Brendan McGill of Hitchcock, Jason Stoneburner of Bastille Café & Bar and Stoneburner, Ethan Stowell of Ethan Stowell Restaurants, and John Sundstrom of Lark.


    Vinum, Stoup Brewing, and Seapine Brewing are donating wine and beer, and Emerald Acres Oysters, Frank’s Produce, and Corfini Gourmet are donating product for the chefs.


    Cost is $175/person, and tickets are available at:

Real Kitchen as Veritable & The Scullery – Halloween 2014 from Ready Freddy Films on Vimeo.

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6 years ago

“She also reports that the liquor end of things will be more cocktail-focused than before.”

Well, that’s excellent news — especially since they had damn fine cocktails before!

6 years ago

Even money the first writeup they get is mixed for the sole purpose of being titled “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.


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