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Capitol Hill food+drink | Spaghetti Western serves up BBQ and noodles — with a wink


The maturation of the Capitol Hill food and drink scene includes enough weapons of modern marketing that it is often difficult to sort the hype. Some new projects launch in a massive cloud of buzz and attention. While others, for whatever reason, appear more quietly.

The arrival of Spaghetti Western on Capitol Hill has thrown the buzz machine for a loop. On one hand, it’s only Aleks Dimitrijevich’s re-concept of an existing venue. On the other — and this would be the trigger hand, gunslinger — Spaghetti Western is the embodiment of the latest ideas from a restauranteur who created one of the most popular, no-gimmick restaurants on Capitol Hill only to crumple it up and start fresh with a concept so out in the tumbleweeds, some people still think it’s a joke.

“There’s definitely some ‘wink wink’ in it,” Dimitrijevich told CHS this week as he reopened on Bellevue Ave for the first time since shutting down La Bete earlier this year.


But, like his past creation, Dimitrijevich is all business when it comes to getting the details right of what he says is a streamlined, more manageable concept combing the classic duo of BBQ… and noodles. Dimitrijevich said his biggest issue approaching reopening was getting the serving trays, sauces  and checkered paper to look authentic.

“It’s a traditional feel,” Dimitrijevich said.

CHS reported some of the “wink wink” details of Spaghetti Western here earlier this month with a menu of BBQ classics with sides like potato salad, slaw, braised greens, or chili and a selection of special spaghettis. To wet your whistle, there’s a greater emphasis on cocktails than before, shooter. You will also find some of the old classics like the pork rinds and burgers. And the layout hasn’t changed — it’s the same La Bete space, cowboyed up.IMG_5145

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7 years ago

Their spaghetti mac & cheese is where it’s at. So good

7 years ago

Very glad to have Spaghetti Western and its BBQ in the neighborhood. That’s me at the bar after a very satisfying dinner. Already making plans to introduce my friends to this place.

Cindy Saver
7 years ago

Aleks has nailed it again. Delicious AND fun. And the best burger in Seattle is still on the menu. Swoon.


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